Perfect Pie

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Perfect Pie
Perfect Pie film.jpg
Perfect Pie DVD cover
Directed by Barbara Willis Sweete
Written by Judith Thompson
Starring Wendy Crewson
Barbara Williams
Rachel McAdams
Alison Pill
Tom McCamus
Cinematography Paul Sarossy
Release dates
  • 2002 (2002)
Country Canada
Language English

Perfect Pie is a play written by Judith Thompson, and first staged at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre in 2000, with Judith Thompson also directing.

The assistant director for the original production was Caroline Azar.[1] The original cast starred Nancy Palk (Patsy), Tara Rosling (Young Patsy), Sonja Smits (Francesca), and Liisa Repo-Martell (Marie - Francesca's original name).[2] Music for the production was composed and performed by Bill Thompson.

The story concerns the childhoods of Patsy and Marie and the impact it had on their later lives. Much of the dialogue is centered on their prom night when Marie was abused by more than one boy. The play deals with a number of complex themes, such as child abuse and rape.

In 2002, it was adapted by Judith Thompson into a film directed by Barbara Willis Sweete, and starring Wendy Crewson, Barbara Williams, Rachel McAdams, Alison Pill, and Tom McCamus.

The play was originally written as a monologue in 1993. It was published in book form by Playwrights Canada Press on September 1, 2000.

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