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Perlilla Norte.jpg
View of Perlilla N
Elevation 5,587 m (18,330 ft)
Perlilla is located in Peru
Location Ancash Region, Asunción, Carhuaz, Huari
Range Cordillera Blanca
Coordinates 9°18′16″S 77°19′7″W / 9.30444°S 77.31861°W / -9.30444; -77.31861Coordinates: 9°18′16″S 77°19′7″W / 9.30444°S 77.31861°W / -9.30444; -77.31861
Type granite
Age of rock Tertiary
First ascent July 14, 1966[1]
Easiest route North glacier

Perlilla or Nevado Perlilla is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca, a part of the Peruvian Andes. Its area includes the provinces Asunción, Carhuaz and Huari. Its summit east (5,587) is located in the Huari Province.

The peak was climbed for the first time on July 14, 1966 by M. Ishinabe, A. Kurihara, A. Miyahara, S. Ooe and T. Suzuki).[2]

Height (base): 5,073 m Height (top): 5,587 m


The Perlilla has an area greater than 30 km², 90% of its surface is accessible without much difficulty from the town Chacas. The 14 km² with snow surface which has the largest platform make for great winter sports practices with inclinations of slopes that do not exceed 50°.

Due to its latitude (9 ° 18'16 "S) so close to the equator, could be considered the ski center at higher altitudes closer to Ecuador, surpassing the Chacaltaya Bolivian track for its vast area of 3000 snowfall hectares and its enormous potential for the development of winter sports.

The natural biodiversity of the environment covering 70 km² comprises the following natural attractions:

  • Yanaqucha
  • Paqarisha Lake
  • Ventanilla Lake
  • Quebrada Honda
  • Quebrada Ashnuwana
  • Juytush River


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