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Permendur is a cobalt-iron soft magnetic alloy with equal parts of cobalt and iron . The alloy was invented in the United States around 1920 . Standard permendur compositions coined Fe-Co 50/50 or 50Fe-50Co may contain carbon up to 1% while a composition patented in 1932 named Vanadium Permendur, Permendur 2V and recently offered by Goodfellow Corp. under the name Permendur 49 (all of which are 49Fe-49Co-2V) contains 2% vanadium for better mechanical properties and ease of machinability. Carpenter Technologies produced a similar alloy formerly coined Supermendur and 2V-Permendur renamed recently Hiperco 50, and its latest formulation comprises typically same amounts of cobalt, iron and vanadium but with additional trace amounts of niobium, silicon and manganese for even better ease of forgeability and cold forming. Vacuumschmelze produces 48%...50% Cobalt alloys, named VACOFLUX(R) and VACODUR(R). 50Fe-50Co and 49Fe-49Co-2V alloys all have high permeability with little loss and highest flux densities at saturation point (saturation induction is around 23000-24000 Gauss) available amongst commercial soft magnetic alloys. Its magnetic transition temperature is 980 °С . Its name in Russian is пермендюр (49К2ФА). [1] [2] [3] [4]


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