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Per mille
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"‰" redirects here. Not to be confused with %, indicating parts per hundred, or with , indicating parts per ten thousand.

A per mille[1][2][3] (from Latin per mīlle, "in each thousand"[4]), also spelled per mil,[4][1][5][6][2][7] per mill,[4][2][5][6][7][8] permil,[4] permill,[4] or permille[3] is a sign indicating parts per thousand. Per mil should not be confused with parts per million (ppm).

The sign is written , which looks like a percent sign (%) with an extra zero in the divisor. It is included in the General Punctuation block of Unicode characters: U+2030 per mille sign (HTML: ‰ ‰).[3] It is accessible in Windows using ALT+0137.

A railroad distance sign in the Czech Republic. The 20‰ grade is equivalent to 2%.

The term occurs so rarely in English that major dictionaries do not agree on the spelling or pronunciation even within a single dialect of English[9] and some major dictionaries such as Macmillan[10] and Longman[11] do not even contain an entry. The term is more common in other European languages where it is used in contexts, such as blood alcohol content, that are usually expressed as a percentage in English-speaking countries.


Examples of common use include:

  • expressing costs for print and online advertisements which are commonly sold at cost per mille (CPM); this is the common unit for all banner and display advertising
  • frequently used by email service providers to denominate the cost for 1,000 emails delivered as a cost per mille (CPM)

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