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Persona 5
Official logo
Developer(s) Atlus
Publisher(s) Atlus
Director(s) Katsura Hashino
Artist(s) Shigenori Soejima
Composer(s) Shoji Meguro
Series Megami Tensei (Main)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Sub-series)
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s)
  • JP Q4 2014
  • NA 2015
Genre(s) Role-playing game, dungeon crawler, social simulation
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Blu-ray Disc

Persona 5 (ペルソナ5 Perusona Faibu?) is the upcoming fifth video game in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series of role-playing video games developed by Atlus, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei series of video games. Persona 5 is scheduled for a late 2014 release in Japan and in 2015 for North America, exclusively for PlayStation 3.


Earliest mentions of Persona 5 trace back to 2009, where the title was listed as a game to be announced as a PlayStation 3 game by Atlus through Japanese pachinko publication 7rush.[1] In the same year, Persona 5 was mentioned again briefly on a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan website.[2][3] Any commentary from the development team itself would not arrive until 2010, with Persona director Katsura Hashino stating that the team was "preparing to start work on the next Persona" and that the development team was working on ways to make additions to the game's formula while still meeting fan's expectations from the series.[4] In 2011, Famitsu confirmed that other key staff from past Persona games would be returning, including Shoji Meguro as a music composer, and Shigenori Soejima as character designer.[5] The team also stated, in the same year, that they hoped to shake up the game's formula even more than they had with the changes between Persona 2 and Persona 3.[6] Additionally, although they had used a third-party engine for their previous game, Catherine, Hashino announced that Persona 5 would use a new in-house engine.[7] He stated he believe this would help aid in the games development, but also felt that the game was far from being ready to be released at the time.[7] By mid-2012, Hashino reported to Famitsu that Persona 5 had become the team's main focus,[8] and that progress in its development was being made.[9]

Persona 5 was officially announced by Atlus on November 24, 2013 during an Atlus event in Japan along with the announcements of spin-off titles Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4: Dancing All Night, as well as a PlayStation 3 port of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.[10] It was announced through a cryptic teaser trailer that featured five chairs with weights and shackles locked to them against a red background, and a single tagline reading "You are a slave. Want emancipation?"[11] The game was revealed to continue the use of a school setting hallmark to previous entries in the series, but would focus more on the themes of restraint and liberation in modern society.[12] The game aims to be an emotional experience that will present players with a mix of emotions that will leave its audience with a strong sense of catharsis and be inspired to take on their own modern-day problems.[13][14] Hashino states that also aims to have fans of Persona 3 and Persona 4 "feel right at home"[15] while also attempting make the game more approachable to newcomers as well.[14] In February 2014, Atlus announced that the game would be released in English in North America in 2015.[16]


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