Perspective Records

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Perspective Records
Perspective Records logo
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1991
Founder James Harris, Terry Lewis
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) A&M Records
Genre Various
Country of origin US

Perspective Records was an American record label, launched in 1991 by the producing team Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, through a joint venture with A&M Records—which Jam & Lewis had had a prosperous working relationship with throughout the 1980s, with several of its major acts including Janet Jackson, The Human League, and label founder Herb Alpert.

Acts on Perspective's roster included Bobby Ross Avila, Smooth, Mint Condition, Lo-Key, Solo, Sounds of Blackness, Young Zee, and Ann Nesby. From 1993 to 1996, A&M Records released most of its own urban acts through Perspective. In 1997, Jam and Lewis resigned as the label's CEOs, but remained consultants. Over the next year, Perspective continued to release recordings by the current artists for the sake of fulfilling contractual obligations with them.[1] The company was dismantled, and absorbed into A&M Records, in early 1999—per the merger of A&M's PolyGram parent and Universal Music Group.

Albums released on Perspective Records[edit]

Sounds of Blackness[edit]


  • Where Dey At? (1992)
  • Back 2 Da House (1994)

Mint Condition[edit]


  • Open Invitation (1994)


  • 4.0 (1997)

Rufus Blaq[edit]

  • Credentials (1998)


  • Reality (1998)

Bobby Ross Avila[edit]

  • My Destiny (1993)


  • Hot & Ready (1994)


Ann Nesby[edit]

  • I'm Here for You (1996)

Lisa Keith[edit]

  • Walkin' in the Sun (1993)



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