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Coordinates: 31°52′19″S 115°45′58″E / 31.8720°S 115.7661°E / -31.8720; 115.7661

Perth Bible College
Motto Thinking Service
Established 1928
Type Christian Tertiary Education
Location Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Campus Karrinyup, Perth

Perth Bible College (PBC) is an interdenominational Bible college in Perth, Western Australia.


The college was established in 1928, and is a participating member of the South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges, with all PBC courses internationally recognised by evangelical and parachurch agencies. PBC is approved by the Australian federal government as a Higher Education Provider.[1]

In 2007, the college recorded a 163.6 per cent rise in commencing students.[2]

Core Values[edit]

We are Evangelical

We believe in the urgent need to reach our broken world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to train men and women to be effective servants for God.

We are Interdenominational

We teach people to think through issues by providing foundational knowledge, tools and skills so that they can approach practical ministry with a well developed framework for leading various forms of ministry rather than prescribing one approach to ministry.

We are Ministry Oriented

Our studies contain a high academic level of education, and we are committed to maintaining this high standard as an important foundation for practical ministry. However, all our studies will also have a “How does this apply to my Christian, church and world situation?” focus as well as contain the practical skills necessary to be effective in ministry.

We are Servants of God’s Word

We understand that as humans we need to adopt a posture of humility before the final authority of the revelation of God. We allow God’s Word to constantly confront us, placing our ideas and practices before Him to be shaped and moulded for His glory.

We are Communication Focused

In any form of ministry communication skills are paramount. The effectiveness of ministry will depend not so much on the knowledge of the message but on how the message is communicated in a relevant and clear way. All of our studies incorporate the need to be able to communicate well that which is being learned.

We are Community Centered

We believe that community is a primary means for personal transformation as well as foundational for healthy church ministry. To facilitate this, part of our training includes students experiencing and being part of a transforming community at College.

We are Kingdom Trainers

Rather than only training the individual, we desire to give students tools so they can develop others as well as themselves. Each graduate should be able to not only effectively impact the world in which they minister, but train others to also impact their world for Christ.

Courses offered[edit]

Postgraduate Course (M.Div, M.A, M.Th, Ph.D, D.Th)

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Art
  • Master of Theology (Hon)
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Theology
  • Graduate Diploma of Bible & Ministry
  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Ministry
  • Diploma of Ministry with English Studies


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