Perunchani Dam

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Perunchani dam

Perunchani Dam is an irrigation dam at Perunchani, Kanyakumari District, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Dam area is about 42 km (26 mi) from Nagercoil, the administrative headquarters-town of Kanyakumari District, and about 10 km (6.2 mi) from the town of Kulasekhram.

The dam is built between two hillocks (part of the Western Ghats) across the river Paralayar. It is a straight gravity masonry dam of 373.1 m (1,224 ft) long consisting of 275.28 m (903.1 ft) of bulkhead section. A drainage gallery of 1.52 m × 2.29 m (5 ft 0 in × 7 ft 6 in) has been provided in the middle river section for a length of 45.7 m (150 ft) which serves a longitudinal inspection chamber as well as an outlet for the seepages from the foundation.[1][2]


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