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Developer(s) Kiprono Felix Kiptum Nyekwel
Stable release 0.3.3 / August 16, 2011 (2011-08-16)
Operating system Android (operating system)
Type Mobile Money Transfer
License Proprietary

pesaDroid is an Android application that enables users to track, analyze and visualize their mobile banking transactions. It currently supports the M-PESA platform.


Features on debut:

  1. Ability to import mobile money transfer messages from the inbox
  2. Ability to process incoming mobile money transfer SMS messages
  3. View all transactions between you and a given user
  4. View weekly or monthly statements
  5. Export the statement an MS-Excel file to email or the memory card

After the app's debut, a number of features have been added, including:

  1. Groups: allows users to assign people and institutions into groups
  2. Option to change from a dark theme to light theme
  3. Improvements on the appearance of the statement
  4. Ability to archive transactions
  5. Ability to attach a note to each transaction

Mobile Purchase using M-PESA[edit]

It is now possible to buy this app using M-PESA. Users simply download the app directly from the website and then send KES 250 to a number provided within the app.This enables users to activate their apps.

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