Peshawar Mass Transit

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Peshawar Mass Transit
پشاور ماس ٹرانزٹ
Locale Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1(Redline)
Number of stations 12
Operation will start 2016
System length 18.4 km
Track gauge Standard gauge

The Peshawar Metro or Peshawar Mass Transit System (PMTS) (Urdu|پشاور ماس ٹرانزٹ سسٹم) is a mass rapid transit system for the city of Peshawar. The project is under the consideration of PTI led Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. PMTS will be a comprehensive system for rapid movement of mass transport on the five different routes in Peshawar .

Purple Line : A dedicated road infrastructure for Bus Rapid Transport, Fire and Ambulance services along the railway line. This route starts at Nasirpur and Ends in Hayatabad Bagh e Naran. The service will have 22 stops, passing through City and Saddar Cantt areas. KPK government has already approved this project under which the government is to build the road infrastructure with an approximate cost of Rs. 70bn, while private investors will operate 61 modern air-conditioned buses with an approximate cost of Rs. 30billion as per conditions and service rules set by the provincial government. The construction on this route is due to start in September 2014 with a project completion deadline of September 2015.

Green Line : A fast paced monorail system on GT Road Peshawar. The monorail route between Chamkani and Karkhano Market links all major commercial hubs in the city. This service is aimed to provide fast commute to Students, Working class, business and commercial commuters travelling from one end of the city to the other in a shorter period than usual bus or personal conveyance. This service is hoped to help reduce the use and reliance on personal cars by middle and upper class residents of the city, thus helping reduce burden on over congested road infrastructure in the city. The pre-feasibility study for this project has been completed and a full scale feasibility study is underway. The construction on the project is due to start in February 2015 a to be completed in a three years period with an approximate cost of Rs. 40billion.


Peshawar Metro has proposed an elevated route spanning 18.4 km from Chamkani to Hayatabad with 12 stations.[175] All platforms will be 70 metres (230 ft) long.

Map of Peshawar
  • BSicon KINTa.svg Chamkani Terminal
  • BSicon DST.svg Chughalpura Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Haji Camp Station BSicon BUS.svg
  • BSicon DST.svg Hastnagari Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Firdous Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Nishter Hall Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Saddar Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Takal Station
  • BSicon DST.svg Peshawar University Station
  • BSicon KINTe.svg Hayatabad Terminal