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Bangladesh Chhatra League
???????? ????????
President H M Bodiuzzaman Shohag
Vice President Fardin Ibn Zaman
Secretary General Siddiqui Nazmul Alam
Founded January 4, 1948
Mother party Bangladesh Awami League
Website www.bsl.org.bd

Bangladesh Chhatra League (Bengali:  ???????? ????????) or BCL formerly known as East Pakistan Student League is a students' political organisation in Bangladesh, founded by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on January 4, 1948. Currently it is working under Bangladesh Awami League.


When British India was partitioned and the independent dominions of India and Pakistan were created in 1947, the region of Bengal was divided along religious lines. The predominantly Muslim eastern half was designated East Pakistan — and made part of the newly independent state of Pakistan — while the predominantly Hindu western part became the Indian state of West Bengal.

Pakistan's history was marked by political instability and economic difficulties. Dominion status was rejected in 1956 in favor of an "Islamic Republic within the Commonwealth." Attempts at civilian political rule failed and the government imposed martial law between 1958 and 1962 and again between 1969 and 1971.

Soon after partition, frictions developed between East and West Pakistan, which were separated by more than 1,000 miles of Indian territory. East Pakistanis felt exploited by West Pakistan. Linguistic, cultural and ethnic differences contributed to the estrangement of East from West Pakistan. Bengalis strongly resisted attempts to impose Urdu as the country's sole official language. Responding to these grievances, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on January 4, 1948 formed a students' organization called the Chhatra League.

BCL, known as the East Pakistan Student League, formed on 4 January 1948. Naimuddin Ahmed became its first convener, Dabirul Islam became President and Khaleque Nawaz Khan became General Secretary. The League participated in the Bengali language movement, the 1962 "education commission" movement, the 1966 six point movement, and the 1969 "Egaro Dofa Andolon" (11 Point Movement).

Nawaz Khan defeated incumbent Prime Minister of East Pakistan Nurul Amin in the Jukto Front election in 1954 in Nandail constituency of Mymensingh.

BCL contributed to the 1969 Mass Upsurge, the 1971 Liberation War, the 1990 Anti-Autocracy Movement and others. They formed "Mujib Bahinee", separate from Freedom Fighters, under the direct supervision and guide of RAW but the war ended before they participated.

Presidents & Secretaries[edit]

Year President - 1977-1981 Obaidul Quader Bahlul Maznun Chunnu
1981-1983 Mostafa Zalal Mohiuddin K M Jahangir
1984 - 1985 Abdul mannan Jahangir Kabir Nanok
1994-1998 A K M Enamul Haque Shamim Ishaq Ali Khan Panna
1998-2002 Bahadur Bepary Ajay kar Khokon
2002-2006 Liakat Shikdar Nazrul Islam Babu
2006-2014 Mahmud Hasan Ripon Mahfuzul Haider Roton
2014–Present H M Bodiuzzaman Shohag Siddiqui Nazmul Alam


On 9 December 2012 BCL activists were filmed beating and hacking to death Biswajit Das, a young bystander.[1] Dhaka Speedy Trial Tribunal-4 sentenced eight of the accused to death and awarded life sentences to 13 others.[2] On 2 February 2014, armed members of its unit in the University of Rajshahi are believed to have joined police in attacking students protesting fee hikes.[3]

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