Pishin, Pakistan

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Pishin is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°21′N 67°00′E / 30.35°N 67.00°E / 30.35; 67.00Coordinates: 30°21′N 67°00′E / 30.35°N 67.00°E / 30.35; 67.00
Country Pakistan
Elevation 1,555 m (5,102 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Pishin (Pashto: پشین‎) is a small town located in the Pishin District of Balochistan province, Pakistan. It is the capital of the district,[1] and is located in the east of the province at 30°35'0N 67°0'0E near the border with Afghanistan with an altitude of 1555 metres (5104 feet).[2] Tremors from the 2008 Pakistan earthquake were felt in the town. Surrounding areas are Yaro, Saranan, Nowabad and Milkyar. During World War II, the British built two air bases in the district of Pishin, one near the town of Pishin and the other in Saranan. The runways of the air base are still in good condition.


Pishin is hidden in far history however it played a bright role in Anglo-Afghan Wars fought between Britain forces and Afghan tribes. The local tribes assisted Baran Khan Tareen who fought against the British. The tribes from Pishin used to attack the convoys of British forces when they were on their way to Afghanistan to fight.

Geography, weather and agriculture[edit]

Pishin is the biggest district of Pashtun tribes in Balochistan. It connects Quetta, the capital city, to Afghanistan. It is located in the north west of Balochistan. Due to its high population and vast area, a new tehsil "Huramzai" has been established. The temperature is hot in summer, up to 40 °C, and in winter it is cold even below the freezing point.

Famous people[edit]

Popular Indian actor Kader Khan was born in Pishin.[3][4] Companion of Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Qazi Muhammad Essa was from Pishin, his son Jehangir Ashraf Qazi has served the country at different positions in UNO. Sultan Golden, the famous bike rider hails from Pishin district. Syed Muhammad Agha Huramzai was also from Pishin, who was well known in the area fro his generosity & civic services. Syed Salahuddin Agha was also from Karbala Pishin who had played meaningful role in forming Pakistan in 1940s and after independence. Syed Liaquat Agha son of Syed Salahuddin Agha is also a famous personality in Pishin. He was president of Pakistan football federation, President of Quetta chamber of commerce and currently member of Balochistan Assembly from Pishin. He is also chief of Syed tribe.


Engr. Ehsan Ullah Tareen

Syed Samiullah Agha

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