Pesthouse Common, Richmond

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Pesthouse Common, Richmond
Type Urban park
Location Queen's Road, Richmond TW10 6HF
Coordinates 51°27′35″N 0°17′19″W / 51.45972°N 0.28861°W / 51.45972; -0.28861Coordinates: 51°27′35″N 0°17′19″W / 51.45972°N 0.28861°W / 51.45972; -0.28861
Operated by Richmond upon Thames Borough Council
Status Open all year

Pesthouse Common, Richmond is an area of public open space on Queen's Road, Richmond in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is bordered by mature lime and horse chestnut trees and is managed by Richmond upon Thames London Borough Council to promote nature conservation.[1]


The common is so called as it had a pest house. The common, which used to belong to the Crown, originally extended from the bottom of Queen's Road to the gates of Richmond Park.[2] It had, near the site of the present Lass o' Richmond Hill public house on Queen's Road, a "pound overt" (open pound). Goods or cattle belonging to those had failed to pay fines imposed by the local courts were put there.[3]

An 1785 Act of Parliament granted the common to Richmond vestry, and it was then enclosed for a workhouse[4] and burial ground, except for a small portion next to the lower part of Queen's Road. The pest house itself was pulled down in 1787.[2]


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