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Pet Lovers Centre
Industry Pet Products, Pet Stores
Genre Pet Care Pet Supply Store
Founded Singapore
Founder David F C Ng & Robert F L Ng
Number of locations
85 (64 in Singapore, 17 in Malaysia & 4 in Thailand)
Area served
Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Key people
W H Ng (Managing Director) / David W T Ng (CEO, Executive Director) / W K Ng (CFO, Group Director)
Products Trustie, The Pet Safari & Burp!
Website Company Homepage

Company Profile[edit]

Pet Lovers Centre Pte Ltd (PLC) is an Asian retailer of pet products and services. Its main selling point is the presence of "pet care consultants" trained in veterinary science at many of its stores.[2][3][4]

In 1980, PLC launched its own brand of pet accessories called Trustie, and in 1996, launched its food brand called Burp! As of 1 January 2015, PLC had 62 stores in Singapore, 16 stores in Malaysia and 4 in Thailand. PLC is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), an associate member of World Wide Pet Supply Association (WWPSA), and a member of the Pet Enterprises and Traders Association of Singapore (PETAS).[citation needed] PLC became a franchise-able brand in 2008.

PLC publishes a pet magazine in Singapore, called ‘Petlovers Magazine’.[5] In 2012, PLC organised a meet-and-greet event for pet lovers to meet celebrity dog behaviour expert, Cesar Millan.[6] In December 2012, the company launched a mobile app and mobile site. The app and mobile site included a chat function and GPS locations of each store.[7]


Early Years[edit]

Pet Lovers Centre Pte Ltd (PLC) was established in 1973 by two brothers, Mr. Robert Ng Fook Leon and Mr. David Ng Fook Choy. Their first retail store was set up at Shaw Centre on Scotts Road.[1] The company also took up retail spaces from Yaohan and supplied to NTUC (Today's Fairprice) supermarkets.

In 1995, Mr. Robert Ng Fook Leon’s youngest son, Mr. Ng Whye Hoe, made the decision to take over the business together with his school friend when the company ran into financial difficulties.[8][9] At that point in time, the company owned one store, which was located in Shaw Centre.[8][10]

Today, Mr. Ng Whye Hoe (Managing Director) and his two brothers Mr. David Ng Whye Tye (CEO) and Mr Ng Whye Keong (CFO) are the key forces behind growing and developing the Pet Lovers Centre brand. They aim to position Pet Lovers Centre as a fore-runner in Singapore's pet industry and a leader in pet care services in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 1999, PLC created its flagship, one-stop, mega shop for all pet needs called The Pet Safari, at East Point Shopping Mall, thereafter, at Vivocity (Singapore’s Largest Shopping Mall) in 2006 and at nex Mall in 2012. The Pet Safari concept store was so successful that PLC extended this same concept to Malaysia in 2003 and Thailand in 2014. Each location in Singapore has a unique theme and all the stores are located strategically in key shopping malls across Singapore. PLC’s international expansion plans also cover China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.[1][3][8][9]

When The Pet Safari first opened in Singapore, it was commended by the then-Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Foreign Affairs, Raymond Lim, for its innovation.[11]


In 2009, the company established Pet Lovers Foundation as a non-profit organisation to institutionalise all corporate social responsibility efforts and charitable activities undertaken by the company. The foundation is involved in many charitable activities including working closely with animal welfare groups in Singapore such as Animal Lovers League[12] and Cat Welfare Society.[13][14] Proceeds from their brands Burp! and Trustie, are donated by PLC to Pet Lovers Foundation.

In 2010, Pet Lovers Foundation embarked on "Project Braving Antarctica", a charity fundraising project for The Salvation Army Gracehaven Children’s Home. In total, they raised $110,245.04 for the cause.[13]

In 2011, PLC implemented measures to help curb the impulse buying of rabbits in the Chinese year of the rabbit.[15] They organised adoption drives with dog and cat organizations,[16] and movie premier screenings to benefit animal welfare organizations, and also sponsored the loose change box initiative.[1]

Pet Education Tour Visit[edit]

Educational visits are provided by PLC to schools in Singapore. The visits aim to improve knowledge of pet ownership responsibility. Another tour option provides local schools with tours of PLC stores.[1]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)[edit]

PLC pays periodic visits to one of its beneficiaries, the Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre (KASAC), as part of their CSR activities, to keep its promise of ‘giving back to the society’. It is an effort geared towards the well-being of the elderly. Apart from food and basic essentials, the company also provided pet-assisted therapy. Based on research that shows that older folks need pet company,[17] the company has provided the company of furry friends since 2012.[18] It has been visiting KASAC since 2012 to carry out its care for the aged.

The company also takes the initiative to educate children on responsible pet ownership. Since 2012, it has been conducting free, educational visits to different schools, and demonstrating how to handle pets with care and responsibility. They have plans to launch a Pet Lovers Centre Kids' Club too. This will be an additional platform for Pet Lovers Centre’s CSR activities, as it will work to create awareness among children about proper pet care, so that pets are not neglected by young children.[19]

Adopt 1st! Centre (AFC)[edit]

Pet Lovers Centre's AFC initiative took a new approach to educating the public on pet care. The Pet Lovers Foundation collaborated with PLC to address the often-ignored issue of pet abandonment. Launched in early October 2013, the AFC is a dedicated, 113 square-feet, commercial space in the Kembangan area meant for housing abandoned cats and dogs, so that animal welfare groups can connect at one spot and carry out adoption drives. With the launch of AFC, many of these abandoned pets have found new homes and received the care that they deserve. An AFC opened in Malaysia in July 2014.[20]

Donation Drives[edit]

Pet Lovers Foundation started carrying out the pet food donation drive in 2008 and it has been a yearly practice since then. At first, its aim was to help only stray and abandoned dogs but since 2012, cats have been included in the drive too. The drive has become a yearly tradition for Pet Lovers Foundation to commemorate the Christmas season to show love, care and compassion to its animal friends.

From 11 to 29 December 2013, PLC organised a dry food donation drive with proceeds going to over 1000 animals housed by Animal Lovers League (ALL), Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD). They collected seventeen times more dry food during this drive than in the first donation drive, totaling 11,908.36 kg and amounting to $180,497.50. To encourage more donations, PLC lowered the price of pet food in its stores.[21]

Milestones and Awards[edit]

PLC has received numerous awards and recognitions, including a commendation from the former Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Raymond Lim, for its business initiatives.[11] They have achieved the following milestones and awards:[11][22]

Year Achievements
2013 First Asian retailer to win The Global Pets Forum Award 2013 (Prague, Czech Republic).[23]
2012 Organised the first public appearance of Cesar Millan in Singapore.[6]
2011 Initiated the Braving Antarctica project that raised funds for The Salvation Army Gracehaven Children’s Home on 21 July. A total of $110,245.04 was raised.[13]
2010 Second runner-up in The Global Pets Forum Award 2010 (Vienna, Austria).
2008 Singapore Prestige Brand Award winner under the Heritage Brands category in 2008.

PLC became a franchise-able brand in 2008.

2004 Best Pet Shop Award from the Pets Enterprise and Trading Association of Singapore (PETAS) from 2004 to 2005.
2003 Largest pet store in Malaysia in the Malaysian Book of Records.[24]

Clubpets Readers Choice Award - Voted Most Popular Pet Shop from 2003 to 2006.

2002 Finalist of the Phoenix Award

Retail Courtesy Award (Gold)

Excellent Service Award

2001 Singapore Creative Circle Award (Bronze)
1996 Introduced their house brand of pet food, Burp!
1995 Mr Robert Ng’s son, Mr Whye Hoe Ng took over the business with a school friend.
1980 Introduced their pet accessories house brand, Trustie.
1973 Founded by brothers David Ng and Robert Ng.

Opened Singapore’s first pet store in Shaw Centre at Scotts Road.


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