Petar B. Vasilev

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This article is about the Bulgarian film director. For other uses, see Petar Vasilev (disambiguation).
Petar B. Vasilev
Petar B. Vasilev.jpg
Petar B. Vasilev in the 1970s.
Born (1918-06-26)26 June 1918
Kriva Bara village, Bulgaria
Died 30 July 2001(2001-07-30) (aged 83)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Other names Milevin
Occupation Film director
Years active 1954 - 1990

Petar B. Vasilev nicknamed Milevin (Bulgarian: Петър Б. Василев-Милевин) was a Bulgarian film director and screenwriter born in 1918, deceased in 2001.

He was among the prominent Bulgarian film directors from the last decades of the 20th century best known for his satirical comedies. Most of them obtained a broad popularity and became a classic works of the Bulgarian cinematography, most notably Jack of All Trades (1962), Whale (1970), Farsighted for Two Diopters (1976), Maneuvers on the Fifth Floor (1985) and especially the sequence about The Past-Master (1970-1983).


Selected Director Filmography[edit]

Year Film Genre Notes
English title Bulgarian title Transliteration
1962 Jack of All Trades Специалист по всичко Spetsialist po vsichko Comedy written by Pavel Vezhinov
1970 The Prince Князът Knyazat also co-screenwriter
Whale Кит Kit Satire stopped by the communist censorship
The Past-Master Баш майсторът Bash Maystorat Satire, Comedy
1972 The Quiet Fugitive Тихият беглец Tihiyat beglets Comedy
1976 Farsighted for Two Diopters Два диоптра далекогледство Dva dioptara dalekogledstvo Comedy-Drama written by Mormarevi Brothers
1978 One Hundred Tons of Happiness 100 тона щастие 100 tona shtastie Comedy
1980 The Past-Master on Excursion Баш майсторът на екскурзия Bash Maystorat na Ekskurziya Satire, Comedy
1981 The Past-Master - Farmer Баш майсторът фермер Bash Maystorat Fermer Satire, Comedy
1983 The Past-Master - Boss Баш майсторът началник Bash Maystorat Nachalnik Satire, Comedy
1985 Maneuvers on the Fifth Floor Маневри на петия етаж Manevri na petiya etazh Satire, Comedy
1987 The Mooncalf Левакът Levakat Drama



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