Petar Dobrović

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Dobrović's 1917 drawing Girl's head

Petar Dobrović (Serbian pronunciation: [pêtar dǒːbrovit͡ɕ];[1] Pécs, 1890 - Belgrade, 1942, Serbian Cyrillic: Петар Добровић, Hungarian: Dobrovits Péter) was a famous Serbian painter and politician born in Austro-Hungarian Empire (today Hungary).

A proponent of Serbian colorism, he was known for portraits and landscapes. He had earlier worked in impressionism and cubism.

He was briefly the President of a short-lived, small Serbo-Hungarian Baranya-Baja Republic in 1921, and later lived in Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He died during the German occupation of Belgrade in Second World War and was buried in Novo groblje in Belgrade.

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