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Pete Fenlon (born 1955) is an American Role-playing game designer, game developer, graphics designer, and publisher. He began creating fantasy role playing rules and drawing large and very detailed full-color Middle-earth maps in MERP modules. He later published science fiction, mystery, and historical games. His diverse works include both electronic and non-electronic stories, art, and games.

Early life and education[edit]

Son of an Air Force Colonel (Peter C. Fenlon) and Captain (Melba S. Fenlon, RN), Pete Fenlon was born in Japan. He lived in Tachikawa, Omaha (Nebraska), Washington (DC), Wiesbaden (Germany), St. Louis (Missouri), Midwest City (Oklahoma), Alexandria (Virginia), and Williamsburg (Virginia) before settling in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School (Alexandria, Virginia), where he served as Executive Officer or the Simulations Club.[1] After obtaining a degree in history and anthropology at the University of Virginia, he earned a law degree at the College of William & Mary. Upon passing the Virginia State Bar exam, he began work as a game designer, developer, and publisher. He has created and published games and fiction since 1980. He is also very active in the Boy Scouts of America.[2]


Pete Fenlon had played Dungeons & Dragons since it was introduced in 1974, and got involved in the creative side of the RPG business while he was in college in the late 1970s. While running a six-year campaign set in Middle-earth, Fenlon began to develop a set of unique house rules with S. Coleman Charlton and Kurt Fischer, ultimately forming Iron Crown Enterprises in 1980 to turn their rules into a business.[3]:133 Fenlon's first map of Middle-earth was printed in A Campaign and Adventure Guidebook for Middle-earth in 1982, and his maps were continued to be used in ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing books for about 15 years.[3]:134 In October 2000, Fenlon announced that ICE had entered chapter 7 bankruptcy.[3]:141

His work can be found in:

As of 2011, Fenlon is CEO of Mayfair Games, the worldwide English-language publisher of The Settlers of Catan.[4]


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