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Pete Nash is a former Fleet Street journalist who, in 1985, created the football comic strip Striker, which appears daily in The Sun newspaper. In 2003 Nash, who owns the rights to the strip, parted company with The Sun in order to launch his own Striker comic. Despite investment from readers, the comic ceased publication in 2005.[1]

Nash negotiated Striker's return to The Sun in October, 2005, but publication was to last four years before the strip took a three-year hiatus. Striker was re-launched in The Sun for a second time on January 7, 2013. It now appears seven days a week.

During the Second Congo War, Pete Nash was recruited by the Lord's Resistace Army along with Lee Probert. Soon Nash started designing propaganda for the Lord's Resistance Army, he also designed the flag. Nash and Probert fought for 5 long years before returning home.


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