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The following is a discography of albums by Pete Rock as well as songs produced, remixed or written by Pete Rock that have been officially released.








  • Enter the Center
  • Let It All Hang Out
  • The Penetration


  • La Face B (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Back Home (Pete Rock Remix)

Alexander O'Neal[edit]

  • In the Middle (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

All City[edit]

  • Priceless

Amel Larrieux[edit]

  • Get Up (featuring Mos Def) (Pete Rock remix)


  • Gimme Yours
  • Rather Unique
  • Gimme Yours (Pete Rock remix)

Baldhead Slick[edit]

  • Pimp (featuring Keason &

Basic Black

  • She's Mine (featuring Pete Rock & New Jack Swing)

Big L[edit]

  • Holdin' It Down (featuring Miss Jones, A.G. & Stan Spit)
  • Holdin' It Down (unreleased version) (featuring Party Arty, A.G. & Pete Rock)
  • Put It On (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Who You Slidin' Wit? (featuring Stan Spit)

The Black Eyed Peas[edit]

  • They Don't Want Music (featuring James Brown) (Pete Rock remix)

Black Star[edit]

Boot Camp Clik[edit]

  • 1-2-3

Brand Nubian[edit]

  • Slow Down (remix) (featuring Pete Rock)


  • I Wanna Be Down (Pete Rock remix)

Busta Rhymes[edit]

  • Shut 'Em Down 2002 (featuring Pete Rock)


  • Slang Editorial (Remix)

Champ MC[edit]

  • Keep It on the Real (Pete Rock remix)

Charles Hamilton

  • Stay on Your Level


  • Geek Down

CL Smooth[edit]

  • Multi Barz Of Fury



  • Never Personal (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Live & Learn

Crown Lee[edit]

  • 2 Many Stars (featuring Pete Rock)


  • Nimm's Leicht (featuring Pete Rock)

Cypress Hill[edit]

  • "Light It Up"

Da Beatminerz[edit]

  • Open (featuring Caron Wheeler and Pete Rock)
  • Open (featuring Caron Wheeler and Pete Rock) (Pete Rock remix)

Da Youngsta's

  • Iz U Wit Me? (Pete Rock remix)
  • Pass Da Mic
  • Who's The Mic Wrecka? (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

Das EFX[edit]

  • Jussummen (Pete Rock remix)
  • Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock remix)

Diamond D[edit]

  • Painz & Strife (featuring Pete Rock & Phife Dawg)
    • Produced by Diamond D

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince[edit]

  • Code Red
  • Somethin' Like Dis

DJ Kay Slay[edit]

DJ Muro[edit]

Doo Wop[edit]

  • Back Of Your Mind (featuring Da Ranjahz)
  • Do New Things (featuring Joell Ortiz)
  • Refuse 2 Lose

Doug E. Fresh[edit]

  • No

Earatik Statik[edit]

  • Tearz!

Ed O.G.[edit]

  • Jus Listen (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Shed a Tear (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Situations (featuring Pete Rock)
  • 2 Turntables & a Mic
  • Make Music
  • Let Da Horns Blow


  • Rampage (featuring LL Cool J) (Pete Rock Remix)


Father MC[edit]

  • Lisa Lisa (remix)
  • R&B Swinger

Freddie Foxxx[edit]

  • Bumpy Knuckles Baby
  • Industry Shakedown
  • The ChanceSellor
  • U Krazy
  • We Gon Win
  • Who Knows Why?
  • Mind Frame


  • Kaiku

Funkmaster Flex[edit]

Gang Starr[edit]

  • Militia (featuring Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx) (Pete Rock Remix)

Ghostface Killah[edit]

  • Be Easy (featuring Trife)
  • Be Easy (Remix) (featuring Ice Cube & Trife Da God)
  • Chunky
  • Dogs of War (featuring Raekwon, Trife Da God, Cappadonna, and Sun God)
  • How You Like Me Baby
  • R.A.G.U. (featuring Raekwon)

Grand Agent and Pete Rock[edit]

  • This Is What They Meant
  • This Is What They Meant (remix)
    • Produced by Ge-ology

Grand Puba[edit]

  • Issues (Pete Rock remix)

Grap Luva[edit]

  • Beats & Rhymes
  • Collector's Item
  • Revenge (featuring Pete Rock)

Groove B Chill

  • Starting From Zero
  • There It Is

Haph of Da Ranjahz[edit]

  • Back Of Your Mind

Heather B[edit]

  • Dedicated (featuring Tammy Lucas & Pete Rock)

Heavy D & The Boyz[edit]

  • A Better Land
  • Big Tyme
  • Black Coffee
  • Blue Funk
  • Cuz He's Always Around
  • Do Me, Do Me
  • Don't Curse (featuring Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, and Q-Tip)
  • Got Me Waiting
  • It's A New Day
  • Is It Good To You? (The Straight Remix) (featuring Tammy Lucas)
  • Let It Flow
  • Let It Rain
  • Letter To The Future (featuring Johnny Gill)
  • Love Sexy
  • Mood For Love
  • Sex Wit' You


  • Right On

House of Pain

  • Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) (featuring Pete Rock)


  • Roots (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Fakin Jax (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Universal Dialect
  • Square One
  • Keep On
  • Center Of Attention

Inspectah Deck[edit]

  • Trouble Man

J Dilla[edit]

  • Remember (featuring Bilal)


  • Kick It To The Beat (featuring Asheru & Probe.dms)


  • Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix)

Jemini the Gifted One[edit]

  • "No More Dating DJs"

Jeru the Damaja[edit]

  • Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

Jesse Powell[edit]

  • I Wasn't With It (Remix)

Jim Jones[edit]

  • G's Up (featuring Max B)

Johnny Cash[edit]

  • Folsom Prison Blues (Pete Rock Remix)

Johnny Gill[edit]

  • Rub You The Right Way (Remix) (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)


  • Letterman
  • Letterman (Pete Rock Remix)

Kanye West & Jay-Z[edit]

  • The Joy

Keith Murray[edit]

Keyshia Cole[edit]

  • Got To Get My Heart Back

Kid 'N Play[edit]

  • Bill's At The Door
  • Next Question


  • Blindsided (featuring LMNO)



  • Get Yourself Up (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Go South-Bronx (featuring Pete Rock)


  • Here We Go (featuring Guru)


  • Yessir

L.O.R.D. of Dojo Pros[edit]

  • Why?

Lady Gaga[edit]

  • Poker Face (Pete Rock Remix)

Large Professor and Pete Rock[edit]

  • The Rap World
    • Produced by Large Professor and Pete Rock

Leela James[edit]

  • Good Time (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)


Lost Boyz[edit]

  • Renee (Pete Rock Remix)
  • The Yearn (featuring Pete Rock)

Lords of the Underground[edit]

  • Flow On (featuring Kid Deleon & Sah-B) (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Stick To Ya Gunz (Pete Rock Remix) (featuring Kool G Rap)
  • Here Comes The Realness (featuring Pete Rock)

Main Source[edit]

  • Vamos A Rapiar

Marley Marl and Pete Rock[edit]

  • This Life Forever

Mary J. Blige[edit]

  • Reminisce (Pete Rock & CL Smooth Remix)
  • Family Affair (Pete Rock Remix) (featuring CL Smooth)

Masta Killa[edit]

  • Older Gods Part 2

MC Lyte[edit]


  • Hope The World Don't Stop
  • How You Feel
  • The Youth
  • Meccalicious

Method Man & Redman[edit]

  • A-YO (feat. Saukrates)

Mic Geronimo[edit]

  • Unstoppable

Michael Jackson[edit]

  • Butterflies (Pete Rock Remix)

Mona Lisa[edit]

  • You Said (Pete Rock Remix featuring C.L. Smooth)


  • Before You Walk Out of My Life (Pete Rock Remix)

Mr. Cheeks[edit]

  • All I Know (featuring Babydoll, and Madman)
  • Keep it Movin
  • Turn It Up (featuring Wild Walt, and Madman)


  • Imagine That (featuring Dminor)
  • These Days (Remix) (featuring Emilio Rojas & D-Sisive)


  • It Ain't Hard to Tell (Pete Rock remix)
  • Favour For A Favour (featuring Scarface) (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Street Dreams (featuring R. Kelly) (Pete Rock Remix)
  • The World Is Yours
  • Analyze This (feat. Jay-Z & Lord Tariq) (unreleased)


  • Ultimate High (Pete Rock Remix) (featuring Nas)

Naughty By Nature[edit]

  • Hip-Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix)

Non Phixion[edit]

  • If You Got Love (Featuring Pete Rock)

Northern State[edit]

  • Time To Rhyme (featuring Pete Rock)

One Be Lo[edit]

  • Deceptacons (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Shout (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Who Is This (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

Phife Dawg[edit]

  • Lemme Find Out (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Melody Adonis

Pitch Black[edit]

  • Block to the Boardroom

Planet Asia[edit]

  • Full Course Meal


  • Buckwild

PM Dawn[edit]

  • Looking Through Patient Eyes (Pete Rock Remix)

Prozack Turner[edit]

  • Wonderful Life

Psycho Realm

  • Stone Garden (Pete Rock Remix)

Public Enemy[edit]

  • Nighttrain (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Soldier (Pete Rock Remix)


  • Kids That's Rich
  • Sneakers
  • Sonny's Missing

Rah Digga[edit]

  • What They Call Me


  • All I Know


  • Living for the City
  • The Saga Begins
  • When I'm Flowin'

Ras Kass[edit]

  • If This World Was Mine


  • Gimme One
  • How to Roll A Blunt
  • Whateva Man (Remix)


  • If I Die
  • Mention Me (featuring Meccalicious)
  • Murderville
  • Rhyme Tighter
  • So Many Rappers (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Stay Away (featuring De La Soul)
  • Top Notch Microphonist
  • War
  • Who Is He?
  • Superspectacular
  • Wonderlust
  • World Premier

Rock Marciano[edit]

  • Fall Back
  • Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Roughhouse Survivers[edit]

  • Rough House (Pete Rock Remix)

Run DMC[edit]

  • Down with the King (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
  • Down with the King (featuring Pete Rock & CL Smooth) (Ruffness mix)
  • In the House
  • Wreck Shop

Sadat X[edit]

  • Escape from New York (featuring Deda)
  • Turn It Up

Scha Dara Parr[edit]

  • Kanata Kara No Tegami (Pete Rock Remix)


  • You Love To Hear These Stories (featuring MC Shan)

Scritti Politti[edit]

  • Tinseltown to the Boogiedown (featuring Mos Def and Lee Majors) (Pete Rock Remix)

Shabba Ranks[edit]

  • Just Reality


  • Pass Anotha Bag


  • Straighten It Out

Slick Rick[edit]

  • Get a Job
  • I'm Captive
  • World Renoun (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Gambling

Slum Village[edit]

  • Once Upon A Time (featuring Pete Rock)
  • Once Upon A Time (featuring Pete Rock) (Pete Rock Remix)

Soul Supreme[edit]

  • Queen (featuring Pete Rock, T-Max and AG)
    • Produced by Soul Supreme

Special Teamz[edit]


  • Burn 'Em (featuring Pete Rock, Medusa and Sugga B)

Sporty Thievz[edit]

  • Street Cinema 2 (Pete Rock Remix)

Steph Pockets[edit]

  • My Crew Deep (Pete Rock Remix)

Styles P[edit]

Talib Kweli[edit]

  • Holy Moly
  • Stay Around
  • Brooklyn Story


  • We Killing Ourselves
  • Hold That

Terrace Martin

  • Jazz, Soul & Hip-Hop (featuring Pete Rock)

Tommy Tee

  • World Renown (featuring Pete Rock, Mike Zoot, Large Professor and AG)

Tony Touch

  • Out Da Box (featuring Large Professor, Masta Ace, and Pete Rock)

A Tribe Called Quest

  • Jazz (We've Got) (Pete Rock version recreated same way for Low End Theory Album)
  • 1nce Again (Pete Rock Remix)

Troy Slugs

  • Get It 4 Real

Tupac Shakur

  • One Nation LP (unreleased)[1]

The UN

  • Ain't No Thang (a.ka. How They Want It)
  • Avenue
  • Game Of Death
  • Long Time Coming
  • The Art (mixed by Pete Rock)

Vast Aire


  • Ghetto Celeb
  • Street ***** (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Street *****
  • Sumthin´ 4 Da Head


  • Do Or Die (Pete Rock Remix)



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