Peter Antonovich of Brunswick

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Peter Antonovich
Silhouettes of the Russian Royals in Horsens.jpg
Silhouettes of Peter and his siblings at Horsens.
Full name
Alexei Antonovich
House House of Brunswick-Bevern
Father Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick
Mother Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna of Russia
Born 1745
Died 1798

Peter Antonovich of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1745 – 1798), was the second son of Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick and Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna of Russia, and younger brother of Ivan VI.

He and his three surviving siblings were released into the custody of their aunt, the Danish queen dowager Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, on 30 June 1780, and settled in Jutland. There they lived under house arrest in Horsens for the rest of their lives under the guardianship of Juliana and at the expense of Catherine. Although they were prisoners, they lived in relative comfort and retained a small "court" of between 40 and 50 people, all Danish except for the priest.[1]


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