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Peter (P.B.R.) Carey (born 1948) is a British historian and author who studies East Timor, Java and Burma.[1] He was the Laithwaite fellow of Modern History at Trinity College, Oxford. His major early work has concentrated on the history of Diponegoro, the British in Java and the Java War. He is currently completing an Oral History of the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor, 1975–99 and a biography of Prince Dipanagara.[2]

Carey regularly comments on the history and politics of Southeast Asia to the British media.[3] He is currently the Country Director for the Cambodia Trust, in Jakarta, Indonesia [4]

Prabowo Controversy

Carey appeared in a film promoting Prabowo, a candidate in the 2014 Indonesian presidential election.[5] Prabowo has a reputation for brutally suppression in Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Aceh and with student activists, and has been banned from entering the USA as a result.[6] In the film, Prabowo is presented as having Javanese aristocratic heritage. Carey appears from 1:13-5:12 in the film—entitled Sang Patriot (The Patriot). During this appearance, Carey apparently praises Prabowo's aristocratic heritage.[7] This attracted criticism. One critic claimed that Carey was "selling his soul".[8] Carey responded, maintaining that his words had been taken out of context.[9] However, another scholar criticized Carey's response, asserting that Carey has a longstanding and close relationship with Prabowo; that Carey had not asked to be removed from the movie; and, that Carey had been vague, obfuscating and introduced irrelevancies in defending his appearance in the film.[10]



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