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Peter DiStefano in 2006

Peter DiStefano (born July 10, 1965) is best known as the guitarist for the alternative rock band Porno for Pyros (the Jane's Addiction offshoot featuring vocalist Perry Farrell and drummer Stephen Perkins). In 1997 the band went on hiatus while Farrell focused on a reformed Jane's Addiction and DiStefano was diagnosed with cancer.

Three years later the recovered DiStefano independently released two solo albums, Words in Red and Solo at DiPiazza's. A third, Gratitude, was issued on Sanctuary Records in 2004, followed by Soul Trigger, Integrity, and Loyalty.

Other musical pursuits included an electronica-oriented project called Venice Underground (which issued albums in 2000 and 2008) and collaborations with Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland, Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy, and fellow musician E-Rok (the latter resulted in two albums, E-Rok and Pete and E-Rok and Pete 2).

DiStefano appeared at Lollapalooza 2007 with former Porno for Pyros bandmate Perry Farrell's new band Satellite Party to perform some Porno for Pyros songs. He also attended Jane's Addiction's 2012 Lollapalooza afterparty at the Aragon Ballroom, where he performed the Porno for Pyros song "Cursed Female" with the band, taking lead guitar duties.

DiStefano enjoys skateboarding.



  • 1986 "For Those Who Listen"/"Local Boy" (single)

Porno for Pyros

Venice Underground

  • 2000 Venice Underground
  • 2008 Venice Underground 2


  • 2001 So Many Worlds


  • 2002 Words in Red (extremely limited release)
  • 2003 Solo at DiPiazza's (extremely limited release)
  • 2004 Gratitude
  • 2005 Soul Trigger
  • 2006 Integrity
  • 2007 Loyalty CD/DVD
  • 2008 Digital Alchemy

E-Rok and Pete

  • 2006 E-Rok and Pete
  • 2008 E-Rok and Pete 2

Perry Farrell

  • 1999 Rev (Jane's Addiction/Porno for Pyros collection)
  • 2007 Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party

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