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Peter Elliott
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Born New Zealand New Zealand

Peter Elliott is a leading New Zealand actor. He has appeared in numerous television shows including Shortland Street, Gloss and Homeward Bound. He has also appeared in several movies including Heavenly Creatures. Peter has a daughter Lucy Elliott who is an actress, playing character Dayna Jenkins on Shortland Street in 2013.

Shortland Street[edit]

Peter Elliott played a pivotal role as Dr. David Kearney, clinic director. In this era of Shortland Street storylines were externally driven, with challenges & topical events emanating from Central (Hospital), the Ministry (of Health), and the wider community.[1][2]

Along with key characters Rachel McKenna and Dr. Chris Warner, the character of Dr. David Kearney formed the key anchors of the show.

Get Ready, Get Thru compaign[edit]

Peter Elliott also fronts the Get Ready, Get Thru campaign for NZ Civil Defence. This is a highly visible campaign on national TV, for which he was chosen to be a respected and well-known figure.[3]

Other Work[edit]

Becoming widely known first on 80's soap Gloss, Peter Elliott was nominated for 'Best Actor' playing the scheming character Rex Redfern. Gloss was a seminal NZ drama/ soap opera, one of the first local productions to achieve NZ-wide fame & audience.[4][5]

Winning a Qantas award for 2009 telemovie Until Proven Innocent, he was also nominated Best Presenter at the TV Guide Television Awards 2002 for Captain's Log. He has appeared in a number of films.

Peter Elliott also has a strong & long-standing career on stage, performing for over 23 years. He covers the range from Shakespeare to pantomime, and works frequently with notable directors such as Simon Prast.[6]

He was also the corporate voice for New Zealand's leading talk radio station Newstalk ZB up until 2011.[7]


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