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Peter Goalby
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Associated acts Uriah Heep

Peter Goalby (born 13 July 1950 in Wolverhampton, England[1]) is an English singer and guitarist. He was the lead vocalist for Uriah Heep[2] between 1982 and 1986, recording three albums with the band. He also wrote Blood Red Roses, recorded by the band for their 1989 album Raging Silence and released as the second single from the album.

Before singing for Uriah Heep, he was lead singer and second guitarist in Trapeze on the studio recording Hold On (1978)[3] and the live album Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos (1981).[4] He also plays mandolin.

He was born in Wolverhampton, England.



  • Fable (1973)
  • See My Face b/w Thick as a Plank (1973)


As Peter Goalby

  • Ain't it Funny b/w Shirt on a Loser (1975)
  • You are Day, You are Night b/w Captain's Log (1975)
  • Peter Goalby (1990) - Only album under this name, remains unreleased as of 2009.

As Peter Goalby's Perfect Stranger

  • I Don't Wanna Fight b/w It's all Over Your Face (1988)


Uriah Heep[edit]

The European Team[edit]

  • Sport Alive b/w Guitar Alive (1985)


  • Brave the Storm (1985) - Provides Backing Vocals


  • Bezerk (1990) - Backing Vocals


Radio Wall of Sound b/w Universe (1991) - Leading Vocals with Noddy Holder on Side-A.

John Parr[edit]

  • Man with a Vision (1992) - Plays Guitar


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