Peter II of Sicily

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Peter II of Sicily
Spouse(s) Elisabeth of Carinthia
Noble family House of Aragon
Father Frederick III of Sicily
Mother Eleanor of Anjou
Born 1304
Died 15 August 1342(1342-08-15)
Buried Cathedral of Palermo

Peter II (1304 – 15 August 1342) was crowned King of Sicily (then called Trinacria) in 1321 and gained full sovereignty when his father died in 1337.

His father was Frederick III of Sicily and his mother was Eleanor of Anjou, a daughter of Charles II of Naples and Maria Arpad of Hungary. Maria was a granddaughter of Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina.

His reign was marked by strife between the throne and the nobility, especially the old families of Ventimiglia, Palizzi, Chiaramonte, and Antiochia.

He died suddenly in 1342 in Calascibetta and was buried in the cathedral of Palermo. He was succeeded by Louis, his eldest son, who was only five years old.

Marriage and Children[edit]

He married Elisabeth of Carinthia, with whom he had nine children:



Peter II of Sicily
Born: July 1305 Died: 15 August 1342
Preceded by
Frederick II
King of Sicily
Succeeded by