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Peter Kennedy
Born (1943-05-18)May 18, 1943
Toronto, Ontario
Died August 30, 2010(2010-08-30) (aged 67)
Nationality Canadian
Education Queen's University (B.A.)
University of Wisconsin–Madison (Ph.D.)
Occupation Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University
Notable work(s) A Guide to Econometrics

Peter Kennedy (1943–2010) was a Canadian economist who for many years worked at the Simon Fraser University. His most famous work was his noted textbook, A Guide to Econometrics. In this guide, and in a subsequent summary article, he produced Ten Commandments of Applied Econometrics. These are that Thou shalt:

  1. Use common sense and economic theory
  2. Ask the right question
  3. Know the context
  4. Inspect the data
  5. Not worship complexity
  6. Look long and hard at thy results
  7. Beware the costs of data mining
  8. Be willing to compromise
  9. Not confuse statistical significance with substance
  10. Confess in the presence of sensitivity.[1][2]

He was born in Toronto and grew up close by in Port Credit. He was educated at Queen’s University, graduating in 1965, and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where took a PhD in 1968. He worked briefly at Cornell University on 1968 before moving to Simon Fraser University in the same year. He worked there for the next 43 year retiring, and being appointed an emeritus professor, in 2008.[3]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Kennedy, P. (2008). A Guide to Econometrics (6th ed.). Cambridge, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. 
  • Kennedy, P. (2010). Macroeconomic Essentials: Understanding Economics in the News (3rd ed.). Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. 
  • Kennedy, P. (2002). "Sinning in the Basement: What Are the Rules? The Ten Commandments of Applied Econometrics". Journal of Economic Surveys 16 (4): 569–589. doi:10.1111/1467-6419.00179. 


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