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Peter Kowalke (born February 6, 1979) is an American unschooling advocate best known for his work on grown homeschoolers and the lasting influence of homeschooling. He produced and edited Grown Without Schooling (2001),[1][2][3] a documentary about homeschooling,[4] and has been a columnist for Home Education Magazine (1997–2002), Home Educator’s Family Times (2004–07) and Life Learning Magazine (2004–08). A grown homeschooling himself, he was married to grown homeschooler Mae Shell and has worked both for homeschooling umbrella school Clonlara and with the Indian homeschooling advocates Shikshantar Andolan.

He speaks regularly at home education conferences and has been interviewed by media outlets such as the BBC,[5] The New York Times,[6] The Wall Street Journal[citation needed], Fox News[citation needed] and others.

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