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Geale Peter Lawrence, who is usually credited as Peter Lawrence, is professional writer - an author, screenwriter and television producer - with a wide and varied body of work.

In live action film and television, he has been commissioned by many U.S., European and Asian studios and producers, including BLT; Disney; Cinemedia/Overseas Film Group; Constantin Film; Forum Media; Fox; Industry Entertainment/Sony; London Weekend Television; Magder/ITT; Miramax; Rankin-Bass/ABC; Rialto; Roxy; and TorStar. He has written more than thirty screenplays - among those produced: "The Burning"; "Terminal Choice (film)"; "Globi & the Stolen Shadows." Many others in and out of option and turnaround: "Blood Ranch;" "Flashchord;" "Blues For Jack;" "Again;" "Houdini & Doyle;" "The Matabele King" (AKA "Bwana Hands Up"); "Heart of the Hunter;" and "Ma Duncan" (based on the book by Jim Barrett) among them.

He has extensive credits in animation and children's entertainment, having been the story editor/showrunner on iconic TV series like ThunderCats; SilverHawks; Peter Pan and the Pirates and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Published works include the novels "It's Your Money In My Pocket, Dear, Not Mine In Yours"; the strange and satirical "Engulfed In A Tide Of Filth" (both published by Quartet Books); the music business cult classic "Full Moon" (an account of the last few years of Who drummer Keith Moon's life, published by Morrow): and his memoir "Fishing For Crocodiles".[1]

Books written for children include "Little Red, the Wolf's story"; "The Princess Formerly Known as Snow White"; and "Colleen Smoothflow of Coneve".

He lives and works in California, Europe and Colombia.


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