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This article is about the British constructivist artist. For other uses, see Peter Lowe (disambiguation).
Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe (born 17 June 1938) is a British Constructivism artist. He was born in London at Victoria Park, Hackney. He studied at Goldsmiths' College 1954–60 where he was taught by Mary and Kenneth Martin. Lowe's work is rational, abstract and geometric. In 1960 he constructed and exhibited his first geometric reliefs and experimented with balanced transformable works. His work is mainly exhibited and appreciated in Europe where it is in many national collections. In 1972 he cofounded the Systems group. Since 1974 he has been a member of Arbeitskreis.

The constructivist work of Peter Lowe is mentioned in Alastair Grieve's authoritative book of 2005, and an interview with him by the art historian Alan Fowler is given in the Southampton City Art Gallery exhibition catalogue, 2008.


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