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Peter McAleese is a British ex-paratrooper, ex-member of the SAS and author.


Peter McAleese is a British ex-paratrooper and an ex-member of the SAS. After leaving the British Army he became a mercenary in Angola for the FNLA, taking command of the unit after the capture of Costas Georgiou the so-called "Colonel Callan". He then joined the Rhodesian SAS. After the fall of Rhodesia he went to South Africa and was assigned to a paratrooper unit called 44 Parachute Brigade within which he was required to form a pathfinder unit. After ending his task he worked for COIN Security Group (Pty) Ltd, a civilian security company. After a serious parachuting accident he went back to the United Kingdom and did some mercenary work in Colombia. In the mid 1990s Peter worked training Russian bodyguards in Moscow with Mike Steele. McAleese worked in the security industry in Algeria, Russia and Iraq for 12 years.


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