Peter Miles (record producer)

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Peter Miles
Birth name Peter Miles
Born (1982-11-25) 25 November 1982 (age 32)
Newbury, England
Genres Pop, rock
Occupation(s) Music producer
Years active 2003–present
Website Peter Miles' Official Website

Peter Miles is a British record producer based in Devon, England.


Although Peter Miles has worked in a variety of genres (indie, folk, pop and hip-hop) he is most recognised as a rock producer. Bands Peter has worked with include Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The King Blues, The Skints, We Are The Ocean, Futures, Dry The River, Canterbury, Francesqa, The Cape Race and Tellison.

Miles's musical background began touring with and in bands for several years in his teens notably playing with Martin Grech. During this time he discovered a talent for production and song arrangement, he began recording some of his favourite punk bands wherever possible (studios ranging from bedrooms to rehearsal rooms and the occasional pro studio too).

He eventually settled in his own residential studio, Holne Bridge Studios, which is were the majority of his recordings have been made. He moved from Holne Bridge in 2010 and has relocated to another, larger residential studio in East Devon, working alongside producer / engineer James Bragg who has helped engineer many of the records Peter has produced.

The NME called him “a genuinely super producer“, and BBC Radio 1's Mike Davies called him a "legend".[1][2]

Peter is represented by Hannah Management


(does not include singles or demo recordings):

Year Band Release name Label Role
2015 We Are the Ocean Ark Hassle Records / BMG Chrysalis Producer / Mixer
2012 We Are the Ocean Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow Hassle Records Producer / Mixer
2012 Canterbury Dark Days Hassle Records Producer / Mixer
2012 The Wild Mercury Sound Slow Cartoon Records Producer / Mixer
2014 Andreas Moe Ocean EP Sony Records Producer / Mixer
2014 Meadowlark Thee Six Five Believe Records Producer / Mixer
2014 Dry The River Alarms In The Heart Transgressive Records Producer / Mixer
2006 Adequate Seven Last Night in London Gravity DIP Producer / Mixer
2011 Apologies, I Have None London Household Name Records Producer / Mixer
2013 Big Fin Tether Self Release Mixer
2015 Big Fin Ebb & Flow Self Release Mastered
2012 Blitz Kids Never Die Red Bull Records Producer / Mixer
2009 Canterbury Thank You Friends Vs Records Producer / Mixer
2010 Canterbury Calm Down Self Release Producer / Mixer
2012 Canterbury Heavy In The Day TBC Producer / Mixer
2011 The Cape Race Now, Voyager Self-release Producer / Mixer
2014 The Cape Race Home, Truths Ten Letters Records Producer / Mixer
2006 Captain Everything Buena Vista Bingo Club Household Name Records Producer / Mixer
2007 Chronicles of Adam West We Walk Unbalanced Holy Roar Producer / Mixer
2009 Crazy Arm Born to Ruin Xtra Mile Recordings Producer / Mixer
2011 Crazy Arm Union City Breath Xtra Mile Recordings Producer / Mixer
2010 Dirty Revolution Before the Fire Rebel Alliance Producer / Mixer
2008 Dry The River Bible Belt EP Self-release Producer / Mixer
2005 Failsafe What We Are Today Deck Cheese Records Producer / Mixer
2008 Failsafe The Truth Is Small Town Records Producer / Mixer
2007 Fall of Efrafa Elil Behind the Scenes Records Producer / Mixer
2009 Francesqa We Lived Self-release Producer / Mixer
2011 From Plan To Progress Ink Stains & Incidents Bad Moon Records Producer / Mixer
2010 Futures The Holiday Rock Sound Magazine Producer / Mixer
2009 Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge Darkest Shore A Wolf At Your Door Records Producer / Mixer
2011 Granville Sessions No State Trinity Music Brixton Producer / Mixer
2013 Granville Sessions Forward Trinity Music Brixton Producer / Mixer
2011 Great Cynics Don't Need Much Household Name Records Producer / Mixer / Performer
2013 Great Cynics Like I Belong Bomber Music Producer / Mixer
2015 Great Cynics I Feel Weird Specialist Subject Records Producer / Mixer
2004 Howards Alias The Answer Is Never Household Name Records Producer / Mixer
2005 Howards Alias Beat Heart, Beat Household Name Records Producer / Mixer
2008 Howards Alias Ep.i.phan.ic Self release Producer / Mixer
2012 Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun Death Xtra Mile Recordings Producer / Mixer
2007 The Julian Tulk Band No Strings Mud Hut Producer / Mixer
2009 The Julian Tulk Band Shine! My Brother, My Ghost, My Brother Mud Hut Producer / Mixer
2006 The King Blues Under The Fog Household Name Records / Island Records Producer / Mixer
2007 The King Blues Taking Over EP Self release Producer / Mixer
2010 The King Blues Save the World. Get the Girl Island Records / Field Records Producer / Co-writer / Mixer
2011 The King Blues Punk & Poetry Transmission Recordings Producer / Co-writer
2011 Light Bearer Lapsus TBC Producer / Mixer
2009 Luke Leighfield Have You Got Heart? Got Got Need Records Producer / Mixer
2009 Matthew Reynolds Come Pouring Self Release Producer / Mixer
2009 Mike TV Stop Gap EP Bomber Music / Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2009 Mike TV Mike TV Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2006 The Misnomer Jealousy Is... Punktastic Recordings Producer / Mixer
2008 Mouthwash True Stories Rebel Alliance Producer / Mixer
2010 Orakai Eradicate The Remains Self-release Producer / Mixer
2010 Our Time Down Here Live, Love, Let It Go Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2010 The Perfect Crime Everything Else Can Wait Speechless Records Producer / Mixer
2011 Pint Shot Riot Spell It Out Life In The Big City Producer / Mixer
2007 Random Hand Change of Plan Rebel Alliance / Bomber Music Producer / Mixer
2009 Random Hand Inhale/Exhale Rebel Alliance Producer / Mixer
2012 River Jumpers Chapters Headless Guru Records Producer / Mixer
2010 Rosie Jones & The Mystery Machine Greatest Hits Got Got Need Records Producer / Mixer
2008 Satori Bringing in the Summer Self release Producer / Mixer
2009 The Skints Live, Breathe, Build, Believe Rebel Alliance / Bomber Music Producer / Mixer
2007 Sonic Boom Six Arcade Perfect Rebel Alliance / Mixer Producer
2009 Sonic Boom Six City of Thieves Rebel Alliance Producer / Mixer
2012 Sonic Boom Six Sonic Boom Six Xtra Mile Recordings Producer / Mixer
2006 The Steal The Steal Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2008 The Steal Bright Grey Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2005 Sweet Billy Pilgrim We Just Did What Happened and No One Came Wonderland Mixer
2011 Tellison The Wages of Fear Naim Edge Records Producer / Mixer
2008 Tonight Is Goodbye Castles Banquet Records Producer / Mixer
2009 Vallenbrosa In the Face of Adversity Self-release Producer / Mixer
2011 We Are the Ocean Go Now and Live Hassle Records Producer / Mixer
2009 White Light Parade House Of Common Republic of Music Producer / Mixer
2011 The Wild Mercury Sound Miss Frost Hearts & Minds / Cartoon Records Producer / Mixer
2008 Your Demise Blood Stays on the Blade 30 Days of Night Producer
2012 Zico Chain The Devil In Your Heart Suburban Records Mixer