Peter O'Fallon

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Peter O'Fallon
Born Peter O'Fallon
Denver, Colorado, United States
Years active 1989–present

O’Fallon, was born and raised in Colorado with a degree in film studies from CU Boulder.

He began his career more than two decades ago in commercials winning multiple Cleo awards for his unique and innovative creative style.

O’Fallon is one of Hollywood’s top television pilot directors today, with the success of 13 out of 14 pilots going to series. He has fast become known as the “indy”director of American TV. After directing indy cult feature feature film”Suicide Kings” Christopher Walken, Dennis Leary, and co-writing and directing festival favorite film “A Rumor of Angels”MGM Vanessa Redgrave and Ray Liotta. O’Fallon went on to direct an impressive stream of well known pilots.“American Gothic” for CBS, “That Was Then” for ABC, “Eureka” for Sy Fy,“Blade” for spike, and critically acclaimed series “The Riches” Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, in which O’Fallon also served as EP. O’Fallon then co-created and directed for FX the best reviewed comedy in the last two years, “Legit” starring comedian Jim Jeffries in which O’Fallon co-wrote all 26 episodes and directed 24. He recently directed pilot “Agent X” for TNT Sharon stone. He is presently exec. producing Agent X for the run of the series, and has just completed as EP and director for Lifetime's, out of the box pilot “Unreal” Constance ZImmer, Sherry Appleby. O’Fallon’s has a unique identifiable ability to combine and turn the dark, raw side of life, to heart and humor.

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