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Peter Silverman
Born (1931-07-05) 5 July 1931 (age 83)[1]
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation TV journalist
The Peter Silverman Show at CFRB

Peter Guy Silverman, O.Ont[2] is a Canadian broadcast journalist based in Toronto, Ontario. His television journalism career began in 1974 as a reporter for Global Television Network's first years. In 1981, he moved to Citytv where he became a reporter for that station's CityPulse news program (now known as CityNews). He was host of Silverman Helps, an ombudsman-type feature for consumers that began in 1989, and ended on 4 June 2008 when he was dismissed without cause by Citytv's owner, Rogers Media.[3][4] On September 2008, Silverman joined Toronto radio station CFRB to host a Saturday morning radio show called The Peter Silverman Show.

Reports on King West Opticians[edit]

Silverman hosted several reports on Citytv regarding Toronto optician Adam Plimmer, who was accused of selling counterfeit glasses (mainly Gucci and Oakley) and giving out eye exams despite being unqualified to do so by the College of Opticians. Opticians in Ontario are prohibited from conducting eye exams. [2] This began on 3 October 2006.[5]

A customer purchased prescription sunglasses from Plimmer and his sunglasses were broken for no reason. In CityNews' "Silverman Helps," consumers consulted Peter Silverman to have him confirm that their glasses are counterfeit. Silverman went to Oakley and it was confirmed that Adam Plimmer's glasses were counterfeit. He went to see Plimmer and Plimmer said that Oakley is a liar. Plimmer said he doesn't refund anyone. The customer got his money credited back to his credit card.[6]

Another consumer complained about getting counterfeit Gucci glasses. Silverman went to the Gucci distribution center in Quebec and confirmed that they were counterfeit. He went to see Adam Plimmer and he said that the glasses are authentic. Silverman told him that the glasses were counterfeit according to Gucci. Plimmer continued to deny making counterfeit Gucci glasses. He later threatened lawsuits against CityNews, Oakley, and Gucci. [3]

Two women encountered Plimmer, and he threatened the two women. One woman was ready to pick up her glasses from Plimmer. He refused to give her the glasses and yelled at her to get out of his store, and also making death threats. Another woman paid nearly CA$700 for a pair of glasses, which included an eye exam. When Plimmer couldn't get the prescription correctly, she wanted to cancel the deal. Plimmer rejected her request and wanted her to leave his store or he will phone the police. After the women consulted Silverman, he encountered Plimmer and Plimmer refused to say anything about the women, telling Silverman that the media is full of lies, using vulgar language and to deal with Plimmer's attorney.[7]

After Citytv broadcast several reports on this matter, Plimmer phoned Silverman, saying "Mr. Silverman, I have became a new man. I have witnessed the power of God, and I want to tell you Mr. Silverman that I do love you and if you want to come back here again, you can talk to me." On 7 February 2007, Silverman followed up on this offer by visiting Plimmer's store at which point the reporter was attacked after Plimmer feigned an apology of him opening the door hitting Silverman. Video footage showed Plimmer slapping and hitting Silverman, uttering vulgar language in the process. Plimmer was also shown throwing snowballs at Silverman, his cameraman, and a Toronto Transit Commission employee. After the Toronto Police Service arrived at the shop, Plimmer was still defiant and told the police to get away from his shop. He locked the door on the police and barricaded himself. The Toronto Police Service called in the Emergency Task Force to arrest him. Plimmer was charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

As a bail condition, Plimmer was subjected to a restraining order which prohibits him from meeting Citytv staff, including Silverman.

A day after the incident, Plimmer was seen changing his business sign from "King West Opticians" to "Adam Paul & Associates Opticians" to avoid confusion with a next door business, King West Eye Care, who was aiding Silverman.

Adam Plimmer has recently shut down his King West Opticians store. There is a hand-written note on the door that instructs parcels to be dropped off across the street and it also claims the store is "Under Renovations".[4]

On 12 November 2008, Plimmer was convicted of assault.

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 1994, he was honoured by the Toronto Police with a citation for his work in revealing a computer fraud case.[8] Silverman received RTNDA's Edward R Murrow Award in 2005.[3] He was nominated for a Gemini Award in 2006 for Best Reportage with Terry O'Keefe and Anna Rodrigues.[9] The following year, he was nominated for another Gemini in the Best Reportage category for the King West Opticians story.[10] The Toronto chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners presented Silverman with an award in recognition of his fraud fighting in 2006.[11] On 22 January 2009, Silverman was made a member of the Order of Ontario.[2] He received the RTNDA lifetime achievement award on 26 June 2009.[12] In 2012, Silverman was presented with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his continuing volunteer work with NGOs. Silverman has a PhD (History, U of Toronto) and a Diploma in Native Law and Administration from the University of Cape Town. He is the author of two books on child welfare and child protection in Canada (Who Speaks for the Children? and Voices of a Lost Generation), as well as numerous articles in publications ranging from academic publications (such as the Journal of the United Services Institution, UK), The Globe and Mail, Razor Magazine to the online World Security Network.


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