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Peter Suschitzky, BSC, A.S.C. (born July 25, 1941) is a cinematographer born in London, the son of the cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky BSC.[1][2] Among his most known work as director of photography are Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and the later films of David Cronenberg. Suschitzky succeeded Mark Irwin as Cronenberg's regular cinematographer when Irwin left during the pre-production of Dead Ringers (1988).[3]

Suschitzky won the 2008 Genie Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography for his work on Eastern Promises. He is featured in the book Conversations with Cinematographers, published by Scarecrow Press. He is married to Ilona Suschitzky.


Work with David Cronenberg[edit]


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