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This article is about the Australian food product company. For other uses, see Petersville (disambiguation).
Abandoned Peters Ice Cream Factory Taree, New South Wales

Petersville Australia Limited was an Australian public company which specialized in food product manufacture, distribution and marketing until its takeover by Adelaide Steamship Company in the 1980s.

Petersville was noted for establishing Peters Ice Cream in the 1930s by its founder Fred Peters. It diversified into all areas of dairy food manufacture by the 1960s. It merged with H.C. Sleigh Co. in the 1970s. After its takeover by Adelaide Steamship, Petersville's divisions were broken up, notably the ice cream division was sold to the Swiss international food giant Nestlé.

Some of the foods it produced or distributed were: ice cream, yogurt, cheese, butter and imported cheeses. Its head office (now Nestle Australia's) was in Wellington Road, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia.

Petersville had Dairy production plants at Warragul, Trafalgar and Yarragon in Victoria and at Orange, Taree and Grafton in New South Wales.