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Petit-Enghien (at right) in relation to Enghien on the Ferraris map, 1775

Petit-Enghien (French; Lettelingen in Dutch) is a town and section de commune in the municipality of Enghien in Hainaut, Wallonia, Belgium. Petit-Enghien was its own municipality until January 1, 1977 when it was merged with Enghien as part of the fusion of municipalities in Belgium. At the time, the municipality also included the village of Marcq.

Petit-Enghien has around 1770 inhabitants. As with Enghien, Petit-Enghien was originally Dutch-speaking, but became majority French-speaking mostly through the education system. Petit-Enghien is near the language border, and as part of Enghien, it is a municipality with language facilities.

Petit-Enghien was the site of Belgian cyclist and multiple Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx's first ever victory on October 1, 1961.[1]


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Coordinates: 50°41′N 4°5′E / 50.683°N 4.083°E / 50.683; 4.083