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Petra Christian University
Universitas Kristen Petra
Established September 22, 1961
Type Private University
Rector Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan M.A.Sc., Dr.Eng.
Location Surabaya, Indonesia

Petra Christian University is a major private Christian university in Surabaya, Indonesia, established in 1961. It has about 9,900 students and 6 faculties.


The founding of Petra Christian University cannot be separated from the role of Petra Christian Education and Teaching Association (PPPK Petra). The latter was a Christian association founded in 1951 aiming at providing education from kindergarten to high school level. The longing to give a wider chance for people to get higher education encouraged the officials of this association to set up a university. To realize that ideal, an Adhoc committee was set up, namely Preparatory Committee for Planning the University Founding, which was given the task to prepare anything related to the founding of a Christian university.

On September 22, 1961, right on the tenth anniversary of PPPK, it was officially announced that Petra Christian University was founded with the Faculty of Letters as the first faculty. One year later, in 1962, the Faculty of Civil Engineering was established. Observing the necessities required for a better management for the university to develop, the Boards of PPPK Petra set up a committee to prepare for a special Foundation regarding the university affairs. Thus, in 1964, it was agreed that Petra Christian University Foundation (YPTK Petra) to be set up and later legalized in 1965, which consisted of the representatives of PPPK Petra, Christian leaders and supported by 6 Protestant churches in Surabaya.

As a newly founded university, PCU in its early development moved several times and occupied some buildings, started on Jl. Embong Wungu and Jl. WR. Supratman in 1961, later on Jl. Indrapura, Embong Kemiri, Jl. Panglima Sudirman 73, Jl. Kalianyar, until finally in 1973, all courses were centralized on Jl. Siwalankerto up to this day. All the achievements secured by PCU cannot be separated from the helps and supports from many groups of people, besides from the big family of PPPK Petra. Some institutions from within the country and abroad also helped develop its facilities, management, and teaching staff. Some of the institutions were United Presbyterian Church, Commission for the Advancement of Christian Higher Education in Asia, World Council of Churches, United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA), Interkelijke Coordinatie Commissie Ontwikkelings projekten (ICCO), Evangelishe Zentralstelle fur Entcicklungshilfee (EZE) West Germany, Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen der Schweiz – Switzerland, Association of Christian Higher Education in Asia (ACUCA), Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Dienste in Ubersee – West Germany, Education and Culture Department.

For more than 46 years PCU has played its role in developing higher education in Indonesia. PCU has graduated 20,000 alumni spread over the whole country. A good alumni network which has a positive image in the society’s perspective is an achievement that needs to be further improved. Today, more than 75% of PCU alumni are entrepreneurs in both industry and services.

Programs of study[edit]

Graduate Program[edit]

  • Master in Civil Engineering
  • Master in Management

Faculty of Letters[edit]

  1. English for Creative Industry Program
  2. English Program
   #English for Business Communication
   #English Education Business
  • Chinese Department

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning[edit]

  • Civil Engineering Department
  1. Design
  2. Construction
  • Architecture Department

Faculty of Industrial Technology[edit]

  • Electrical Department
  1. Electric Engineering
  2. Electronic Engineering
  3. Telematics
  • Industrial Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  1. Mechanical Engineering Program
    1. Design
    2. Manufacture
    3. Energy Conversion
  2. Automotive Program
  • Informatics Department
  1. Informatics Program
    1. Informatics
    2. Information Technology
  2. Business Information System Program

Faculty of Economics[edit]

  • Accounting Department
  1. Business Accounting Program
  2. Tax Accounting Program
  • Management Department
  1. Business Management Program
  2. Hotel Management Program
    1. Restaurant Management
    2. Service Management
  3. Tourism & Leisure Management Program
    1. Tour & Travel Management
    2. Mall & Retail Management
  4. International Business Management Program [1]
  5. Marketing Management Program
    1. Brand Communication
    2. Sales Management
  6. Finance Management Program
    1. Personal Finance
    2. Business Valuation
    3. Risk Management

Faculty of Arts and Design[edit]

  • Interior Design Department
  • Visual Communication Design Department

Faculty of Communication Science[edit]

  • Communication Science Department

1. Mass Communication Printed and Online Journalism Television Broadcasting Radio Broadcasting 2. Public Relations Corporate Public Relations Marketing Public Relations



To be a caring and global university that is committed to Christian Values


The university develops and empowers the society as the implementation of the Christian values through:

  1. Internal and external caring
  2. Global perspective as actualized in the teaching-learning process of an international quality, both in terms of its educational system and process, research activities and scientific publications, and community outreach program
  3. IT-based campus as an infrastructure of communication and information system in the university
  4. Quality and excellence in expertise, research, services, and facilities
  5. Effectiveness and efficiency in the program making and its implementation that is based on needs.

Student activities and services[edit]

The students of Petra Christian University (PCU) come from diverse cultural backgrounds. They do not only come from East Java but also from other provinces in Java and the areas of East Indonesia. PCU facilitates the students’ activities internally through the students’ boards in campus and externally through national-wide and international activities. Active participation in various academic competitions, sports events, and arts held in Indonesia and abroad become an inseparable part of PCU students’ activities.

The students’ boards at PCU in the Department (Himpunan Mahasiswa), the Legislative organization of Faculty (Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Fakultas), the student press (Pers Mahasiswa), Christian student organization (Pelayanan Mahasiswa), and university student organization (Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa, Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) may become the place for the students to broaden their perspectives and express themselves through activities that suit their talent, interest, competence, and skills.

There are about 40 activity units that the students may join, ranging from intellectual activity and sports to arts appreciation. Through the programs, it is hoped that the students can develop the soft skill that is really needed when they enter the real job market and social life.

PCU has a strong basic commitment to provide the students with vast opportunity to pursue their education. This is actualized through the scholarship given to those who have academic and extra-curricular achievements or to those of less fortunate economic condition. The source of the scholarship does not only come from PCU but also from the government (Kopertis) and some industries. In addition, the university also provides services related to health care, insurance, and well-being supports for the students.


  • University Library
  • Computer Center
  • English Language Teaching Center(ELTC)
  • Continuing Education Center (CE)
  • Counseling and Personal Development Center
  • Career Center
  • Campus Ministry
  • Language Educational Program
  • Community Outreach Program (COP)

Admission of new students[edit]

Every year, PCU holds a selection process for the admission of new students based on the Interest and Aptitude Scouting through admission channels.

Achievement Channel[edit]

It is held around September/October through collaborations with senior high school partners. The scores for Mathematics and English in the eleventh grade of high school must meet the academic requirements set by PCU.

Cooperation Channel[edit]

It is held around September/October through collaborations with senior high school partners. This channel does not need special academic requirements, but the admission still considers the scores of the subjects in the eleventh grade as well as the quota of the student intake in every department/program.

General Channel[edit]

This channel is open for the public and is held several times:

  • Admission selection in January
  • Open House in March/April
  • East Indonesian Areas (KTI): It is held through collaborations with senior high school in cities: Denpasar, Mataram, Kupang, Ambon, Makassar, Manado, Tana Toraja, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Tarakan, Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Singkawang, Jayapura
  • Admission selection in April to June.


The scholarships being offered for the channels above are:

  • Scholarship for those of less fortunate economic condition
  • Scholarship for the children of pastors
  • Athlete scholarship
  • East Indonesia scholarship

International Partnership[edit]


The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)[edit]

The ACUCA is unique in that it has comprehensive mandate to bring about a veritable community of Christian institutions of higher learning in Asia, working closely together to benefit each other as well as the societies in which they exist. {]


InCU-VL is a global virtual library as well as a partner for academic communities in developing learning communities, information searching skills and promoting the advancements of science and technology.

International Cooperations[edit]

As a caring and global university, Petra Christian University had many cooperation with various institutions, such as :
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand

  • Scholarship for Civil Engineering graduates students to take a master degree at AIT.
  • PETRAIT Program: a dual Master degree program (Master in Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering)
  • ACECOMS, AIT appointed PCU as one of their satellite center in Indonesia.

Dongseo University, Pusan, Korea

  • Students of Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering are welcomed to do their final projects in Korea.
  • Joint Community Outreach Program with students from both PCU and Dongseo University in Indonesia
  • Regular joint exhibition for students from Visual Communication Design and Interior Design departments of PCU in Dongseo University.

Chrstelijke Hogeschool Noord (CHN), Lauwarden, The Nederlands

  • Students of Hotel Management are welcome to do their internship in the Netherlands.
  • Dual Degree Program for the students of Hotel Management, 3 years in PCU and a year in CHN.
  • Participation in business expansion project in the Hospitality Industry field.

Hanze Hogeschool, Groningen, The Nederlands
A dual Degree Program for students of Civil and Machine Engineering departments whom completed their 3 years of education in PCU and a year in HH. The degrees will be given both from PCU and HH.
Hogesschool Holland, Diemen, The Nederlands

  • double Degree to students from International Business Management department.
  • Student Exchange Program.
  • Joint research for students with counsellor from both institution.

Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Twining Program to students from Management department whom minor on Real Estate.
Edukatieve Faculteit van Amsterdam (EFA), The Nederlands

  • Letters Department students are welcome to studi in EFA for a year.
  • EFA students can do their internship in the Letters Department of PCU

Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong or Chung Chi College, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia
  • Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia
  • Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia
  • Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
  • Doshisha University, Japan
  • International Christian University, Japan
  • Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
  • Meiji Gakuin University, Japan
  • Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan
  • Obirin University, Japan
  • St. Andrew's University or Momoyama Gakuin University, Japan
  • Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan
  • Ewha Woman's University, Korea
  • Hannam University, Korea
  • Jeonju University, Korea
  • Keimyung University, Korea
  • Sogang University, Korea
  • Soongsil University, Korea
  • Yonsei University, Korea
  • Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, the Philippines
  • Central Philippine University
  • De La Salle University, the Philippines
  • Philippine Christian University
  • Siliman University
  • Trinity College of Quezon City, the Philippines
  • University of the Philippines Los Banos, the Philippines*
  • Wesleyan University, the Philippines
  • Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
  • Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  • Providence University, Taiwan
  • Soochow University, Taiwan
  • Tunghai University, Taiwan
  • Assumption University, Thailand
  • Christian University, Thailand
  • Payap University, Thailand


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