Petrogradskaya (Saint Petersburg Metro)

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Saint Petersburg Metro station
Metro SPB Line2 Petrogradskaya.jpg
Station Hall
Station statistics
Coordinates 59°57′59″N 30°18′41″E / 59.96639°N 30.31139°E / 59.96639; 30.31139Coordinates: 59°57′59″N 30°18′41″E / 59.96639°N 30.31139°E / 59.96639; 30.31139
Line(s) Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line
Structure type Underground
Depth 67 meters
Levels 1
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Parking no
Bicycle facilities yes
Other information
Opened 1963-07-01
Closed october 2012 - october 2013 (Reconstruction)
Electrified DC 825 V
Owned by Saint Petersburg Metro
Passengers () several 100000 in 1 day
Preceding station   StPetersburg Metro   Following station
toward Parnas
Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line
toward Kupchino

Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line
Depot 6 "Vyborgskoe"
Prospekt Prosvescheniya
Ozerki ↑north-bound
Udelnaya ↓south-bound
Chernaya River
Chornaya Rechka
Bolshaya Nevka
Neva River
Nevsky Prospekt Transfer to M3 Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya Line at Gostiny Dvor.
Sennaya Ploshchad Transfer to M4 Pravoberezhnaya Line at Spasskaya. Transfer to M5 Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line at Sadovaya.
Fontanka River
Tekhnologichesky Institut Transfer to M1 Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Line via cross-platform interchange.
Obvodny Kanal
Moskovskiye Vorota
Park Pobedy
Moskovskaya(Shuttle bus to Pulkovo Airport)
Depot 3 "Moskovskoye"

Petrogradskaya (Russian: Петрогра́дская) is a station on the Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line of the Saint Petersburg Metro.

The station was opened on July 1, 1963. The name was given by its location on Petrograskaya Storona, one of the historical districts of Saint Petersburg.

The ground vestibule is by architects Andreev and Moskalenko, and is in the building of "Dom mod" ("House of Fashions"), at the intersection of Kamennoostrovsky prospect and Big prospect of Petrogradskaya Storona, near Leon Tolstoy square. There is underground slope to a pedestrian subway (originally with escalators, dismantled later).

Petrogradskaya is station of deep location with platform screen doors. Its depth is 53 meters. Underground hall was designed by architects Belov, Govorkovsky, Rivin, Tregubov and Shimakovsky. Crimped surface of the walls is tiled with ceramics. Rear wall is decorated with panel against the blue grating background with profiles of worker and kolkhoz woman, which expose the theme of revolutionary Petrograd.

According to the most recent version of the system expansion plan, Petrogratskaya will become a transfer station, connected to the future Koltsevaya Line.

From January 5, 2013 till November, 2013 station is closed for capital repair.[1]


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