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Petronius is a Roman nomen shared by several notables:

  • Gaius Petronius, governor of Aegyptus c. 25-21 BC
  • Publius Petronius, suffect consul 19 AD
  • Publius Petronius, Legate of Syria 37-41 AD, possibly same as above
  • Gaius Petronius Pontius Nigrinus, consul 37 AD
  • Publius Petronius Turpilianus, consul 61 AD, Governor of Britain AD 61-63, son of Publius?
  • Gaius Petronius Arbiter AD 27-66 Roman courtier, author of Satryricon, friend of emperor Nero
  • Marcus Petronius Mamertinus, suffect consul of 150
  • Marcus Petronius Sura Mamertinus, son to the above, consul in 182
  • Petronius Antoninus, son of Sura Mamertinus
  • Marcus Petronius Sura Septimianus, brother to Sura Mamertinus, consul in 190
  • Petronia, sister to the above, married the Roman Senator Marcus Antoninus Antius Lupus
  • Lucius Fulvius Gavius (Numisius?) Petronius Aemilianus, consul 206
  • Volusianus (L. Petronius Taurus), or Lucius Petronius Taurus Volusianus, Roman general and official, Praetorian Prefect 260-267
  • Petronius Annianus, consul 314
  • Petronius Probianus, consul 322
  • Petronius Probinus, consul 341
  • Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus, consul 371
  • Anicius Flauius Petronius Probus, consul 406
  • Saint Petronius, bishop of Bologna, 5th century
  • Petronius Maximus, western emperor 455 for 14 days, torn apart by his subjects.
  • Petronius Probinus, consul 489
  • Flauius Rufius Petronius Nicomachus Cethegus, consul 504
  • Petronius (centurion), the centurion guarding the tomb of Jesus in the non-canonical Gospel of Peter