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Petroplus AG
Traded as SIXPPHN
Industry Oil and gas
Headquarters Zug, Switzerland
Key people
Thomas D. O'Malley, CEO
Karyn F. Ovelmen, CFO
Products Petroleum
Natural gas
Motor fuels
Aviation fuels
Services Service stations
Revenue Increase US$20 billion (2010)
Number of employees

Petroplus Holdings AG was Europe's largest independent oil refiner by capacity.[1] When, the now defunct company, was first formed in 1993 it was known as Petroplus International N.V. being based in the Netherlands. In August 1998, it was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In April 2005, it was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange when the company was acquired by a holding company. In November 2006, the company went public on the Swiss Stock Exchange.



In 1997, it acquired the Antwerp N.V. Refinery from the Daewoo Group.


In May 2000, it bought the Cressier Refinery, in Cressier, Switzerland from Shell Switzerland. In December 2000, it bought the Teesside Refinery in Port Clarence from Phillips Petroleum Company.


In May 2006, it bought the BRC Antwerp Refinery for $511m from Sovereign Holding Ltd (Bermuda).


In March 2007, it bought the Ingolstadt Refinery from ExxonMobil for $425m. In June 2007, it bought the Coryton Refinery near London from BP for $1.4bn.


In April 2008, it bought the Petit Couronne Refinery and Reichstett Refinery, located in France from Shell for $785m.

Financial problems[edit]

In December 2011 a $1bn credit line to the company was frozen by its bank lenders. The company was planning to shut down some refineries if negotiations to restore the credit failed. The chief executive said they would do all they could to avoid bankruptcy. [2] On the 24th of January 2012, Petroplus announced that they are filing for insolvency after it defaulted on $1.75 billion of senior notes and convertible bonds. [3]


  • Antwerp N.V. Refinery (Belgium)
  • BRC Antwerp Refinery (Belgium)
  • Coryton Refinery (UK)
  • Cressier Refinery (Switzerland)
  • Ingolstadt Refinery (Germany)
  • Petit Couronne Refinery (France)
  • Reichstett Refinery (France)
  • Teesside Refinery (UK)

BRC Refinery[edit]

BRC Refinery has the following processing units:

  • Crude 109.000-barrel (17.3296 m3)
  • Vacuum 55.000-barrel (8.7443 m3)
  • HDS (Naphtha)
  • Naphtha Fractionater
  • HDS (Gas/Oil) 29.000-barrel (4.6106 m3)
  • Reformer ( CCR ) 9.000-barrel (1.4309 m3)
  • Sat Gas Plant ( Benzene )
  • Isomerization 2 10.000-barrel (1.5899 m3)
  • Visbreaker 20.000-barrel (3.1797 m3)
  • LPG Recovery
  • SRU
  • CHP ST 01
  • Blending
  • Diesel Hydrotreater 29.000-barrel (4.6106 m3)


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