Petrus Kenicius

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Petrus Kenicius (1555 – February 3, 1636) was Archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden from 1609 to his death.

He got his education from the Universities of Wittenberg and Rostock.

In 1589 he was put in prison by King John III of Sweden, together with, among others, Nicolaus Olai Bothniensis who would become archbishop in 1599-1600. The reason were disagreements with the King's non-Lutheran liturgy.

After being released, he was at the Uppsala Synod in 1593 as one of the twelve assessors. And in 1595 he was ordained Bishop of Skara.

He was considered a fine and hardworking person who dedicated much time and care to the University in Uppsala and the Church. In his old age, he was weakened by age and sickness and the archdiocese was said to have been neglected.

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