Pettah, Sri Lanka

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පිට කොටුව
புறக் கோட்டை
Pettah is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6°56′12″N 79°50′59″E / 6.93667°N 79.84972°E / 6.93667; 79.84972Coordinates: 6°56′12″N 79°50′59″E / 6.93667°N 79.84972°E / 6.93667; 79.84972
Country Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
District Colombo District
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
Postal Code 01100 [1]

Pettah is a neighborhood in Colombo, Sri Lanka located east of the City centre Fort. The Pettah neighborhood is famous for its open air bazaars and markets. It's Sri Lanka's most busiest commercial area, where most of the shops, textiles, buildings and many other business organizations are centered. [2]


Pettah is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic area. Moors and Memons are the predominant ethnic group found within Pettah, however an average amount of Sinhalese and Tamil populations also exits. There are also various other minorities such as Burghers, Malays and others. Religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and various other religions and beliefs to a lesser extent.

Buildings and landmarks[edit]

Notable landmarks in the neighborhood include the Jami-ul- Alfar Mosque and the Khan Clock Tower which was built by the Khan family of Bombay (now known as the city of Mumbai) in India.

The Jami Ul Alfar Mosque in Pettah area is one of the oldest mosques in Colombo and one of the most visited mosques in the area.


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