Petula Clark's Hit Parade

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Petula Clark's Hit Parade
Greatest hits album by Petula Clark
Released 1966 (UK Only)
Recorded London, UK
Genre British Invasion, Pop, Vocal
Length 33:45
Label United Kingdom Pye NPL 18159 Mono
NSPL 18159 Stereo
Producer Tony Hatch
Petula Clark chronology
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
Petula Clark's Hit Parade (UK)
Colour My World/Who Am I

Petula Clark's Hit Parade is a compilation album of Clark's biggest hits to date. This unofficial 'greatest hits' album released on Clark's British label Pye, was only released in the UK however. The US wouldn't see a 'greatest hits' until Warner Bros. released Petula Clark's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 at the end of 1968. Two of Clark's hit singles, previously unreleased on an LP were included on the Hit Parade album; "Round Every Corner" (#21 US) and "You'd Better Come Home" (#22 US). The album is largely a collection of Tony Hatch's arrangements and songwriting.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "A Sign Of The Times"   Tony Hatch 2:55
2. "My Love"   Tony Hatch 2:43
3. "Heart"   Tony Hatch, Petula Clark, Georges Aber 2:37
4. "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love"   Tony Hatch, Jackie Trent 2:55
5. "You'd Better Come Home"   Tony Hatch 2:51
6. "You're The One"   Tony Hatch, Petula Clark 2:26
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Know A Place"   Tony Hatch, Petula Clark 3:05
2. "Just Say Goodbye"   Tony Hatch, Petula Clark, Pierre Delanoë 2:42
3. "Round Every Corner"   Tony Hatch 2:36
4. "Where Did We Go Wrong"   Tony Hatch, Petula Clark 3:05
5. "Call Me"   Tony Hatch 2:46
6. "Downtown"   Tony Hatch 3:05




Year Chart Position
1966 UK Albums #18