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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Cedar Falls, IA, Phantom EFX is a game developer and publisher of interactive card and casino entertainment titles for PC and Mac. They have produced over 20 individual titles and numerous combo packs spanning a broad line of casino-type games, Phantom EFX titles can be found in retail stores and online. Phantom EFX states its "goal is to create titles that are fresher, more entertaining and graphically superior to present market offerings." Their Reel Deal series of video games for PC, Mobile, and console include card, casino and slots titles that can be played offline and online [1]. No real money is ever wagered, but there is a monthly subscription required. However, Phantom EFX also offers a free-to-play model of the MMO.

Phantom EFX releases a slots game and a casino game every fall - the newest releases are Reel Deal Slots: Mysteries of Cleopatra and Reel Deal Casino: Valley of the Kings. In addition to these, Phantom EFX also continues to release titles to a Reel Deal Slots: Adventure line, Reel Deal Slot Quest line, and slots to its all-encompassing mobile app, #1 Reel Deal Slots Club.

Also available from Phantom EFX: the first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and PC, Darkest of Days and the epic quest-based slot game, Battle Slots.


From the company website: "CEO Aaron Schurman and his childhood friend, Phantom EFX co-founder Danny Stokes, discussed an idea over burgers at a fast-food joint one day. They were initially interested in creating a theme-park simulation game. The long-time friends eventually changed direction and, based on their love for casino gaming, began work creating the most superior casino-based game on the market. It all started when Aaron Schurman went to a casino, following his graduation from the University of Northern Iowa, and did incredibly well for himself. Shurm, as members of the Phantom EFX world call him, returned to the casino to continue his luck. Unfortunately, Shurm didn't do quite as well the second time around. Not willing to accept defeat, he purchased multiple casino titles for PC. After sitting down to try his luck at the PC level of gaming, Shurm had a realization that quickly turned into a dream. He wanted a game that was made by gaming people, for gaming people. He wanted a game that brought that same fun of Vegas and a real casino to the fingertips of the player. He wanted something better than was currently available on retail shelves. Shurm and Danny were determined that they could make that very game.

However, before they could make that dream a reality, they had to partner with a couple of other interesting fellows in order to get a game on the shelves of say Wal-Mart or Target. Partners Marty VanZee and Darin Beck came into the picture to take Aaron and Danny to the next level and formed Phantom EFX Inc. Then they brought Jim Thompson aboard, for his expertise, as the President of Phantom. Now with a strong foundation, Phantom EFX could publish its highly polished, supremely entertaining end result, Reel Deal Slots & Video Poker, the grandfather of a line of Phantom EFX titles now 33 strong and growing."

From the company website: Some of Phantom EFX's on-going accomplishments include:

  • Top publisher of casino games in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • Four titles have been #1 in the casino category
  • Titles are consistently in the top 10 chart (sales)
  • Award winning art
    • 2004 Silver - The International Gallery of Superb Printing (IGSP) - Reel Deal Casino Shuffle Master Edition
    • 2004 Bronze - (IGSP) - Reel Deal Slots Nickel Alley
    • 2005 Gold - (IGSP) - International Poker Tour Poker Live
    • 2007 Mac Addy Award - Internet, Animation, or Special Effects - Cherry
  • The first to develop and launch an online casino (entertainment only) - free/subscription models
  • 2008 Inc. 5000 Honoree
  • Technology Association of Iowa-Medium to Large Software Company of the Year, 2009.

Phantom EFX is one of Darin Beck's holdings in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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