Phantom Lake

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Phantom Lake
Location Bellevue, Washington
Coordinates 47°35′36″N 122°07′30″W / 47.59333°N 122.12500°W / 47.59333; -122.12500 (Phantom Lake)Coordinates: 47°35′36″N 122°07′30″W / 47.59333°N 122.12500°W / 47.59333; -122.12500 (Phantom Lake)
Basin countries United States

Phantom Lake is a small lake inside the city limits of Bellevue, Washington. A 2.6 mile long pedestrian trail circles the lake, and according to Bellevue city government, the city's oldest and largest trees can be seen there.[1]

Historically, Phantom Lake once drained to the north through the Kelsey Creek basin. Nineteenth century farmer Henry Thode redirected the Phantom Lake outlet to Lake Sammamish, creating Weowna Creek in the process.[2]


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