Phare de Sainte Marie

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The Phare de Sainte Marie is a lighthouse built to mark the harbor of Marseille, France. Completed in 1855, it is made of natural-finished local limestone and stands 70 feet high. It is located at the north side of the Passe de la Joliette. This is at the southern entrance to the series of bassins that form the harbor. It was upgraded to electrical illumination in 1922 but is now inactive.

This lighthouse was a featured clue box destination for teams to find on the fourth season of the popular reality television show, The Amazing Race. The season’s fourth episode was watched by millions on June 19, 2003, and is currently in worldwide syndication.

Phare de Sainte Marie
Door Detail


Coordinates: 43°17′56″N 05°21′30″E / 43.29889°N 5.35833°E / 43.29889; 5.35833