Phare du Petit Minou

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Phare du Petit Minou
Phare petit minou 600x800.JPG
The lighthouse in July 2004
Phare du Petit Minou is located in Roadstead of Brest
Phare du Petit Minou
the lighthouse in the roadstead of Brest
Location Goulet de Brest, Finistère, France
Coordinates 48°20′12″N 4°36′51″W / 48.336667°N 4.614167°W / 48.336667; -4.614167
Year first constructed 1848
Automated 1989
Height 16m
Focal height 34m
Range 19 nmi (35 km)
Characteristic 2 Fl. W R 6s

The Phare du Petit Minou is a lighthouse in the roadstead of Brest, standing in front of the Fort du Petit Minou, in the commune of Plouzané. By aligning it with the phare du Portzic, it shows the safe route to follow for ships to enter the roadstead. It also has a red signal that indicates a dangerous sector around the plateau of les Fillettes (literally the girls), one of the submerged rocks in the goulet of Brest — sailors remember this by using the mnemonic "the Minou blushes when he covers les Fillettes".