Pharyngeal tubercle

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Pharyngeal tubercle
Occipital bone. Outer surface. (Pharyngeal tubercle not labeled but visible at bottom, at center of box, labeled as attachment point of constrictor pharyngis superior.)
Tuberculum pharyngeum.PNG
Base of skull. Inferior surface. (Pharyngeal tubercle labeled at right, eighth from the bottom.)
Latin tuberculum pharyngeum
Gray's p.132
TA A02.1.04.007
FMA FMA:75746
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On the lower surface of the basilar part of occipital bone, about 1 cm. anterior to the foramen magnum, is the pharyngeal tubercle which gives attachment to the fibrous raphe of the pharynx, also known as the pharyngeal raphe.

This is the point of attachment for the superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle.

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