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Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Order: Caudovirales
Family: Podoviridae
Subfamily: Autographivirinae
Genus: Phikmvlikevirus
Type species
Pseudomonas phage phiKMV
  • PhiKMV-like viruses

Phikmvlikevirus is a genus of Autographivirinae viruses. Bacteriophage phiKMV[2] and its relatives are known to be highly virulent phages, producing large (3–15 mm (0.12–0.59 in) diameter) clear plaques upon plating on a susceptible host.[3][4] The only reported exception is phage LKA1, which yields small plaques (1 mm (0.039 in)) surrounded by a halo. While all other P. aeruginosa-specific phikmvlikeviruses use the Type IV pili as primary receptor, LKA1 particles attach to the bacterial lipopolysacharide layer.


Electron microscopic imaging of purified phage particles revealed these phages as typical members of the Podoviridae, with a head diameter of approximately 60 nm (2.4×10−6 in) and a stubby tail with a length of 8–10 nm. Although phiKMV phage resembles the well-studied podovirus T7 in overall genome architecture, it was the first known T7-like phage which encoded a single-subunit RNA polymerase gene downstream its DNA metabolism genes instead of in the early genomic region. Based on these properties, the genus Phikmvlikevirus is classified within the Autographivirinae.[5]


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