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Phibs is a notable graffiti artist operating out of Melbourne, Australia. He credits writers D-Lite and Crim for helping him create his very distinct style. Phibs has been commissioned to large scale artworks by companies such as Absolut Vodka. He also has been commissioned to decorate a number of buildings across Sydney such as Max Brenner chocolates in Paddington, the Glow Cafe in Newtown and a number of alley ways throughout the city of Sydney. He has also travelled to countries outside of Australia where his work can also be seen on Walls in Berlin and New York. He is currently working with everfresh crew. [1]

PHIBS is featured in an extra on documentary DVD RASH [1] PHIBS talks about his roots in graffiti art and we see him painting murals with USA hip hop artist Charlie 2na.

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