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Philip Elwood Balsley (born August 8, 1939 in Staunton, Virginia) is the former baritone singer for the retired country vocal group The Statler Brothers. Due to his quiet presence on stage and humble appearance, he is known as "The Quiet One" of the group. He is one of the four founders of The Statler Brothers.

Due to his past experience as a bookkeeper at his father's sheet metal business (before the Statler Brothers were professional entertainers), Phil has been given credit for overseeing a large part of the Statler Brothers' business organization.

Although he seldom participated in any of the songwriting activities of the Statler Brothers, Phil's versatile baritone vocals played a major role in the quality of the Statler Brothers' harmony.

Phil is currently retired and resides in Staunton, Virginia with his wife Wilma.

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